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Funding Results

Qualified School Construction Bond

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Authorization results for the 2010 year. Qualified School Construction Authorizations are not grants; they are simply an authorization to seek out and utilize an interest-free bond from an entity desiring a tax credit in lieu of interest.

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Fiscal Questions: Shannon Farrell-Hart, e-mail:, tel. 916-323-3923

Allocated Projects
(Projects with Division of the State Architect Approval -- Postmarked November 5, 2010)
Local Educational Agency County Name Authorization
Alhambra Unified Los Angeles $11,800,000
Arcadia Unified Los Angeles $25,000,000
Banta Elementary San Joaquin $10,500,000
Berkeley Unified Alameda $25,000,000
Bonita Unified Los Angeles $9,455,000
Burlingame Elementary San Mateo $9,912,220
Byron Union Contra Costa $4,600,000
Cajon Valley Union San Diego $18,000,000
Carlsbad Unified San Diego $25,000,000
Central Unified Fresno $250,000
Coalinga-Huron Joint Unified Fresno $7,341,863
Colton Joint Unified San Bernardino $24,748,000
Cypress Elementary Orange $4,539,884
Dublin Unified Alameda $25,000,000
East Side Union High Santa Clara $25,000,000
Fairfax Elementary Kern $10,000,000
Franklin McKinley Elementary Santa Clara $4,500,000
Fremont Union High Santa Clara $25,000,000
Gilroy Unified Santa Clara $15,500,000
Grossmont Union High San Diego $25,000,000
Irvine Unified Orange $25,000,000
Jefferson Union High San Mateo $4,860,000
John Swett Unified Contra Costa $14,900,000
Kern Union High Kern $20,151,209
Lakeside Union Elementary San Diego $250,000
Las Virgenes Unified Los Angeles $25,000,000
Lindsay Unified Tulare $7,226,230
Los Alamitos Unified Orange $23,000,000
Los Gatos Union Santa Clara $4,340,000
Merced Union High Merced $25,000,000
Millbrae Elementary San Mateo $7,660,943
Moreland Elementary Santa Clara $4,375,000
Mt. Diablo Unified Contra Costa $3,860,000
Oak Grove Elementary Santa Clara $1,750,000
Oak Park Unified Ventura $4,418,648
Ocean View Ventura $4,205,000
Oceanside Unified San Diego $25,000,000
Oxnard Union High Ventura $4,052,103
Pacific Grove Unified Monterey $7,780,000
Palmdale Elementary Los Angeles $25,000,000
Perris Union High Riverside $4,500,000
Piedmont Unified Alameda $10,000,000
Placentia Yorba Linda Unified Orange $12,726,442
Pomona Unified Los Angeles $4,030,000
Redondo Beach Unified Los Angeles $25,000,000
Rialto Unified San Bernardino $9,400,000
Rowland Unified Los Angeles $25,000,000
San Juan Unified Sacramento $10,600,000
San Mateo Union High San Mateo $25,000,000
Santa Barbara High Santa Barbara $9,200,000
Santa Clara Unified Santa Clara $25,000,000
Santee Elementary San Diego $15,000,000
Sequoia Union High San Mateo $25,000,000
Solvang Elementary Santa Barbara $217,000
Sonoma Valley Unified Sonoma $715,000
St. Helena Unified Napa $13,860,000
Stanislaus Union Elementary Stanislaus $10,000,000
Sunnyvale Santa Clara $20,000,000
Temecula Valley Unified Riverside $15,000,000
Torrance Unified Los Angeles $25,000,000
Tracy Joint Unified San Joaquin $19,771,700
  TOTAL $848,996,242

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, June 28, 2016
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