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CDEfisc E-mail Message of August 12, 2015

CDEfisc message of August 12, 2015 to County Offices of Education providing information about the Proposition 39 - California Clean Energy Jobs Act for fiscal year 2015-16.

Subject: 2015–16 Proposition 39 - California Clean Energy Jobs Act, Election to Receive Two Years of Funding in the Current Year

Please forward this e-mail to school districts and charter schools in your county.

Proposition 39, a voter approved initiative at the November 2012 statewide general election, provides for annual transfers from the General Fund to the Clean Energy Job Creation Fund for a period of five years, 2013–14 through 2017–18. The 2015–16 Budget Act appropriated $313,421,000 to K–12 local educational agencies (LEAs) with 85 percent of the appropriation to be allocated based on 2014–15 average daily attendance (ADA) and 15 percent based on 2014–15 free and reduced-price meals (FRPM) eligibility. Proposition 39 funds will be provided to LEAs to improve energy efficiency and create clean energy jobs.

LEAs with 1,000 or less ADA reported as of the second principal apportionment for the prior year are eligible to receive in the current year both the current and subsequent year Proposition 39 award allocations. The purpose of this e-mail is to notify eligible LEAs that the 2015–16 Proposition 39 web-based application to elect to receive two years of funding is now available at:

Those eligible LEAs will receive an e-mail, addressed to the LEA contact identified in the California School Directory, with instructions on accessing the Proposition 39 web-based application. The due date to make this election is Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Please note that the California Department of Education (CDE) has not completed the Proposition 39 award allocation calculations for the 2015–16 fiscal year, and the CDE cautions districts’ reliance on calculations and/or estimates by other entities. The calculation will not be possible to complete until such time as the CDE knows the number of LEAs with 1,000 or less ADA that choose to receive both their current and subsequent year award allocations as allowed by Public Resources Code Section 26233(c). Once the eligible LEAs make their elections, award allocations will be proportionately calculated for the remaining LEAs. Award allocation information will be available by late November 2015.

The Proposition 39 Program Implementation Guidelines (Guidelines) and the Energy Expenditure Plan Handbook are available on the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) Web page at External link opens in new window or tab. . These documents include information on how LEAs will submit energy project expenditure plans to the Energy Commission for approval and how the CDE will disburse the funds.

For more fiscal related information, please refer to the CDE Web page at If you have additional fiscal questions, please contact the CDE by phone at 916-324-4555 [Note: the preceding telephone number is no longer valid and has been replaced with 916-323-5091.] or by e-mail at If you have questions on the Proposition 39 Guidelines or Energy Expenditure Plans, please contact the Energy Commission by phone at 855-380-8722 or by e-mail at
Questions:   Janet Finley | | 916-323-5091
Last Reviewed: Monday, June 6, 2022
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