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Funding Results

After School Education and Safety

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Proposed funding results for fiscal year 2022-23.

Program Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

Fiscal Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

Application Number Agency  School  County District School Code Program / Sub Program Percent (%)
Eligible Free and Reduced Price Meal
Funding Amount
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary 27659616026009 After School Base 98.66% $152,612.13
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy 27659616120273 After School Base 97.54% $152,612.13
22-10-36-222-ASES-4 San Bernardino City Unified Martin Luther King Jr. Middle 36678766061923 After School Base 97.06% $157,586.40
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Cesar E. Chavez Elementary 27659616113542 After School Base 96.99% $152,612.13
22-08-56-22-ASES-9 Ventura Unified Sheridan Way Elementary 56726526056212 After School Base 96.01% $106,279.20
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Fremont Elementary 27659616025993 After School Base 95.88% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-15 Triumph Academy PUC Inspire Charter Academy 19647330129593 After School Base 95.86% $203,482.84
22-11-19-22-ASES-101 Los Angeles Unified Fourth Street Primary Center 19647330133744 After School Base 95.48% $152,089.20
22-11-19-22-ASES-127 Everest Value Everest Value 19647330129858 After School Base 95.26% $203,482.84
22-10-36-222-ASES-4 San Bernardino City Unified Howard Inghram Elementary 36678766037030 After School Base 94.88% $102,614.40
22-10-36-222-ASES-4 San Bernardino City Unified Del Vallejo Middle 36678766059489 After School Base 94.67% $190,569.60
22-10-36-222-ASES-4 San Bernardino City Unified Golden Valley Middle 36678766059505 After School Base 94.00% $106,279.20
22-11-19-22-ASES-101 Los Angeles Unified Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies 19647330140046 After School Base 93.91% $203,396.40
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Oscar F. Loya Elementary 27659616117691 After School Base 93.81% $152,612.13
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Bardin Elementary 27659616025985 After School Base 93.71% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-56 Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter School Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter Middle 19647330114959 After School Base 93.40% $80,625.60
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Alisal Community 27659616025977 After School Base 93.14% $152,612.13
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary 27659616106959 After School Base 92.95% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Anderson Elementary 19734376023741 After School Base 91.90% $111,776.40
22-10-36-222-ASES-4 San Bernardino City Unified Shandin Hills Middle 36678766068720 After School Base 91.87% $144,759.60
22-10-36-22-ASES-63 Lucerne Valley Unified Lucerne Valley Middle 36750516106330 After School Base 91.78% $21,988.80
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Roosevelt Elementary 19734376012389 After School Base 91.11% $54,972.00
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Robert F. Kennedy Elementary 19734376012314 After School Base 91.05% $25,653.60
22-11-19-22-ASES-15 Triumph Academy PUC Community Charter Elementary 19647330129619 After School Base 91.00% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-55 Ingenium Clarion Charter Middle School Ingenium Clarion Charter Middle 19734370137240 After School Base 90.67% $157,586.40
22-07-10-221-ASES-1 Fresno County Office of Education Pacific Union Elementary 10623566007025 After School Base 90.41% $203,482.84
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Ronald E. McNair Elementary 19734376012264 After School Base 90.30% $12,826.80
22-11-19-22-ASES-101 Los Angeles Unified Benjamin Franklin Senior High 19647331933043 After School Base 89.44% $203,396.40
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Dickison Elementary 19734376012256 After School Base 89.14% $51,307.20
22-07-10-221-ASES-1 Fresno County Office of Education Sierra Junior High 10752750124123 After School Base 89.12% $203,482.84
22-10-36-22-ASES-37 Savant Preparatory Academy of Business Savant Preparatory Academy of Business 36678760137935 After School Base 89.02% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Davis Middle 19734376066732 After School Base 88.89% $163,083.60
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Foster Elementary 19734376012280 After School Base 88.84% $12,826.80
22-05-43-22-ASES-145 Sunrise Middle School Sunrise Middle 43104390124065 After School Base 88.46% $18,324.00
22-11-19-22-ASES-130 Magnolia Science Academy 6 Magnolia Science Academy 6 19647330117648 After School Base 88.34% $54,972.00
22-08-15-22-ASES-19 Wasco Union Elementary James A. Forrest Elementary 15638420138701 After School Base 88.31% $152,612.13
22-07-10-221-ASES-1 Fresno County Office of Education Foothill Elementary 10752750124586 After School Base 88.30% $152,612.13
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Laurel Street Elementary 19734376012322 After School Base 87.56% $49,474.80
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Rosecrans Elementary 19734376012397 After School Base 87.48% $51,307.20
22-05-27-22-ASES-92 Greenfield Union Elementary Arroyo Seco Academy 27660350136796 After School Base 86.44% $152,089.20
22-11-19-22-ASES-111 Global Education Academy 2 Global Education Academy 2 19647330129833 After School Base 86.11% $116,052.00
22-11-19-22-ASES-51 Compton Unified Ralph Bunche Elementary 19734376013494 After School Base 85.47% $53,139.60
22-11-19-22-ASES-101 Los Angeles Unified Lake Balboa College Preparatory Magnet K-12 19647331931716 After School Base 84.95% $203,396.40
22-11-19-22-ASES-69 Rise Kohyang Elementary Rise Kohyang Elementary 19647330136994 After School Base 84.72% $109,944.00
22-11-19-22-ASES-129 Magnolia Science Academy-2 Magnolia Science Academy 2 19101990115212 After School Base 83.22% $203,396.40
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Frank Paul Elementary 27659616101802 After School Base 83.21% $152,612.13
22-09-30-22-ASES-78 Edward B. Cole Academy Edward B. Cole Academy 30666700101626 After School Base 82.37% $27,791.40
22-11-19-22-ASES-93 Soleil Academy Charter Soleil Academy Charter 19101990137166 After School Base 81.42% $152,612.13
22-07-10-22-ASES-39 Kepler Neighborhood School Kepler Neighborhood 10101080127514 After School Base 81.35% $203,482.84
22-11-19-22-ASES-136 Scholarship Prep - South Bay  Scholarship Prep - South Bay 19647330139097 After School Base 81.27% $203,396.40
22-01-17-22-ASES-151 Lake County Office of Education Kelseyville Elementary 17640146010607 After School Base 80.83% $42,145.20
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union Monte Bella Elementary 27659610127456 After School Base 80.73% $152,612.13
22-03-06-221-ASES-3 Maxwell Unified Maxwell Middle 06616060133223 After School Base 80.68% $36,648.00
22-04-01-22-ASES-10 Aspire Monarch Academy Aspire University Charter 50711670137265 After School Base 80.43% $152,089.20
22-07-54-22-ASES-32 Tulare County Office of Education Saucelito Elementary 54721086054332 After School Base 80.26% $73,296.00
22-10-36-22-ASES-53 Colton Joint Unified Sycamore Hills Elementary 36676866120422 After School Base 79.28% $152,612.13
22-10-36-22-ASES-53 Colton Joint Unified Terrace Hills Middle 36676866035703 After School Base 78.96% $203,482.84
22-03-02-22-ASES-150 Alpine County Unified Diamond Valley Elementary 02613336002794 After School Base 78.18% $38,480.40
22-04-01-22-ASES-96 Emery Unified Anna Yates Elementary 01611686090492 After School Base 77.98% $51,307.20
22-04-07-22-ASES-100 Rocketship Delta Prep Rocketship Delta Prep 07616480137430 After School Base 76.16% $152,089.20
22-08-56-22-ASES-9 Ventura Unified Lincoln Elementary 56726526056113 After School Base 74.07% $117,273.60
22-05-27-22-ASES-163 Alisal Union John E. Steinbeck Elementary 27659616109466 After School Base 72.51% $152,612.13
22-05-27-22-ASES-43 Monterey Peninsula Unified Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula 27660920129239 After School Base 72.19% $203,396.40

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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