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ASES Kids Code Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the 2018-19 ASES Kids Code RFA.

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Who can apply?

Existing ASES grantees.

If funded, when should the program begin?

It is the intent of the legislation that the coding program begins as soon as possible after funding is secured.

If the coding program begins in January 2019, will it still need to run the required 60 days per year?

No. The 60 day requirement will be pro-rated depending on when the funding becomes available.

Is the funding per year, or over the course of three years?

The funding will be spread over the course of three years.

Can a district apply for more than one ASES site?

Yes. A grantee may apply for any or all of their existing ASES sites.

If our district applies for more than one ASES site, do we need to submit more than one application?

No. The district need only to submit one application with only one narrative. Depending on the funding categories, however, the district may need to submit as many as three Sample Budgets.

Should the narrative be double- or single-spaced?

The RFA does not specify double or single spacing, but applicants may not exceed five pages for the narrative.

Is the mandated 25 percent enrollment based on average daily attendance?

No. The required 25 percent participation is based on the program’s target enrollment.

Can students be “rotated” through the coding program in order to help achieve the 25% enrollment requirement?

Yes. But please note, the more time students have to practice coding the better they will learn.

The RFA states that the coding class must meet a minimum of 60 days. Is that 60 days per year, or over the course of three years?

The requirement is for a minimum of 60 days per school year.

Can the grant serve students who are not enrolled in an ASES program?

Yes. However, those students who are not enrolled can NOT be counted in attendance.

We are applying for multiple sites, but the signature form only allows four signatures. What should we do?

Please make a photocopy of the signatures page and complete it. Then attach the page to the application.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, December 21, 2020
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