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Funding Results

After School Education and Safety

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Final funding results for fiscal year 2021-22.

Program Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

Fiscal Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

County CDS Application Number  Agency School Program / Sub Program Percent (%)
Eligible FRPM
Award Amount
Los Angeles 19651516106561 21-11-19-21-ASES-7 Wilsona Elementary Challenger Middle After School Base 94.73% $82,120.64
Los Angeles 19647330124412 21-11-19-21-ASES-97 Los Angeles Unified Sotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet After School Base 94.61% $177,422.40
Los Angeles 19647330135855 21-11-19-21-ASES-97 Los Angeles Unified Maywood Center for Enriched Studies After School Base 92.74% $177,422.40
San Bernardino 36678196036446 21-10-36-21-ASES-109 Ontario-Montclair Vineyard Elementary After School Base 92.51% $44,389.80
San Bernardino 36678506059448 21-10-36-21-ASES-111 Rialto Unified Frisbie Middle After School Base 92.08% $9,590.40
Los Angeles 19647330124826 21-11-19-21-ASES-35 Camino Nuevo Charter Academy #4 Camino Nuevo Charter Academy #4 After School Base 90.37% $124,387.32
San Bernardino 36678196036206 21-10-36-21-ASES-109 Ontario-Montclair De Anza Middle After School Base 90.13% $23,976.00
San Diego 37683380101345 21-11-19-21-ASES-9 KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy After School Base 90.03% $177,559.20
Los Angeles 19647330139071 21-11-19-21-ASES-42 KIPP Pueblo Unido  KIPP Pueblo Unido After School Base 89.89% $133,169.40
San Bernardino 36678506114920 21-10-36-21-ASES-111 Rialto Unified William G. Jehue Middle After School Base 89.79% $33,991.04
San Joaquin 39686270132050 21-06-39-21-ASES-13 San Joaquin County Office of Education Delta Bridges Charter After School Base 89.29% $177,422.40
San Bernardino 36679346059554 21-10-36-21-ASES-64 Victor Valley Union High Imogene Garner Hook Junior High After School Base 87.37% $106,452.30
San Bernardino 36678196113476 21-10-36-21-ASES-109 Ontario-Montclair Oaks Middle After School Base 87.30% $31,968.00
Los Angeles 19647330133710 21-11-19-21-ASES-106 Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles After School Base 87.06% $31,826.60
San Bernardino 36679340137638 21-10-36-21-ASES-64 Victor Valley Union High Lakeview Leadership Academy After School Base 87.00% $46,762.29
Monterey 27660506026124 21-05-27-21-ASES-26 King City Union Chalone Peaks Middle After School Base 86.34% $177,559.20
Los Angeles 19734370137893 21-11-19-21-ASES-10 KIPP Compton Community School KIPP Compton Community After School Base 85.84% $133,169.40
San Bernardino 36678506061899 21-10-36-21-ASES-111 Rialto Unified Kolb Middle After School Base 85.25% $31,877.65
Monterey 27660926058739 21-05-27-21-ASES-136 Monterey Peninsula Unified Seaside Middle After School Base 84.87% $79,607.79
San Bernardino 36679346114698 21-10-36-21-ASES-64 Victor Valley Union High Cobalt Institute of Math and Science Academy After School Base 84.49% $102,069.02
San Francisco 38684780101352 21-04-38-21-ASES-114 KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy After School Base 84.31% $82,395.01
Contra Costa 07616486003594 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Fremont Elementary After School Base 83.56% $43,156.80
Sacramento 34674390123901 21-03-34-21-ASES-66 Capitol Collegiate Academy Capitol Collegiate Academy After School Base 83.42% $58,333.96
San Mateo 41690050132068 21-04-41-21-ASES-61 KIPP Excelencia Community Preparatory KIPP Excelencia Community Preparatory After School Base 82.89% $44,389.80
Contra Costa 07616486003602 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Kimball Elementary After School Base 82.82% $49,550.40
San Francisco 38771310137307 21-04-38-21-ASES-116 KIPP Bayview Elementary KIPP Bayview Elementary After School Base 82.69% $133,169.40
Los Angeles 19647330139121 21-11-19-21-ASES-108 Equitas Academy 5 Equitas Academy 5 After School Base 82.24% $132,667.20
Contra Costa 07616486057178 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Antioch Middle After School Base 82.04% $97,502.40
Contra Costa 07616486003636 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Turner Elementary After School Base 81.98% $51,148.80
Merced 24657550127597 21-07-24-21-ASES-5 Los Banos Unified Mercey Springs Elementary After School Base 81.60% $132,667.20
Sonoma 49709206068977 21-01-49-21-ASES-65 Santa Rosa Elementary Hilliard Comstock Middle After School Base 81.55% $28,620.77
San Mateo 41690050127282 21-04-41-21-ASES-31 Connect Community Charter School Connect Community Charter After School Base 80.47% $95,904.00
Los Angeles 19649986022651 21-11-19-21-ASES-18 Saugus Union Cedarcreek Elementary After School Base 79.05% $31,968.00
Contra Costa 07616486003578 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Belshaw Elementary After School Base 78.42% $41,558.40
Lake 17769766010680 21-01-17-21-ASES-102 Lake County Office of Education Upper Lake Elementary After School Base 78.10% $69,248.09
Contra Costa 07616486003610 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Marsh Elementary After School Base 77.83% $39,960.00
Contra Costa 07616486084941 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Mission Elementary After School Base 77.16% $23,976.00
Stanislaus 50712660133660 21-06-50-21-ASES-43 Salida Union Elementary Mildred Perkins Elementary After School Base 77.14% $132,667.20
San Francisco 38684786104673 21-04-38-21-ASES-48 San Francisco Unified Drew (Charles) College Preparatory Academy After School Base 76.19% $25,574.40
Santa Clara 43771150137059 21-05-43-21-ASES-135 Perseverance Preparatory School Perseverance Preparatory After School Base 75.76% $54,212.40
Los Angeles 19645846013940 21-11-19-21-ASES-127 Gorman Joint Gorman Elementary After School Base 75.71% $71,928.00
Solano 48705816051502 21-04-48-21-ASES-86 Vallejo City Unified Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy After School Base 75.45% $23,976.00
Contra Costa 07616486061154 21-04-07-21-ASES-85 Antioch Unified Park Middle After School Base 75.07% $108,691.20
San Francisco 38684786041487 21-04-38-21-ASES-48 San Francisco Unified Revere (Paul) Elementary After School Base 74.20% $22,377.60
Yolo 57105790132464 21-03-57-21-ASES-91 Empowering Possibilities international Charter Empowering Possibilities International Charter After School Base 73.71% $177,422.40
Imperial 13631310135657 21-09-13-21-ASES-92 Imperial County Office of Education Dogwood Elementary After School Base 73.54% $12,787.20
Monterey 27660926058713 21-05-27-21-ASES-136 Monterey Peninsula Unified Los Arboles Middle After School Base 72.79% $135,673.87
Kern 15751686009468 21-08-15-21-ASES-119 El Tejon Unified El Tejon Elementary After School Base 72.47% $79,920.00
Imperial 13631316008502 21-09-13-21-ASES-92 Imperial County Office of Education Heber Elementary After School Base 71.89% $47,952.00

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 28, 2021
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