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Funding Results

After School Education and Safety

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Proposed funding results for fiscal year 2020-21.

Program Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

Fiscal Questions: Expanded Learning Division, email:, phone: 916-319-0923

County Name CDS Application Number Agency School Program/Subprogram FRPM Proposed Award
Los Angeles 19647330122564 20-11-19-20-ASES-95 Camino Nuevo Elementary No.3 Camino Nuevo Elementary School #3 After School Base 99.10%        78,076.33
Los Angeles 19734370137984 20-11-19-20-ASES-117 Animo Compton Charter Middle School Animo Compton Charter After School Base 98.53%       108,691.20
Orange 30103060137000 20-09-30-20-ASES-128 Vista Condor Global Academy Vista Condor Global Academy After School Base 97.73%       133,169.40
Los Angeles 19770810135954 20-11-19-20-ASES-165 Celerity Himalia Charter ISANA Himalia Academy After School Base 97.41%        55,011.60
Alameda 01612590110262 20-04-01-20-ASES-138 Oakland Unified Rise Community After School Base 97.31%          4,144.89
Sacramento 34765056033443 20-03-34-20-ASES-87 Twin Rivers Unified Northwood Elementary After School Base 97.18%             532.68
Contra Costa 07617966005011 20-04-07-20-ASES-130 West Contra Costa Unified Verde Elementary After School Base 97.09%        12,787.20
Alameda 01612596118657 20-04-01-20-ASES-138 Oakland Unified Urban Promise Academy After School Base 97.03%        13,494.50
Los Angeles 19647330133884 20-11-19-20-ASES-188 California Collegiate Charter School California Collegiate Charter After School Base 96.35%       175,824.00
Los Angeles 19647330138305 20-11-19-20-ASES-27 TEACH Academy of Technologies TEACH Preparatory Mildred S. Cunningham & Edith H. Morris Elementary After School Base 95.89%       119,924.40
Los Angeles 19647330109280 20-11-19-20-ASES-64 Los Angeles Unified Amanecer Primary Center After School Base 95.88%        46,739.79
Contra Costa 07617966004907 20-04-07-20-ASES-130 West Contra Costa Unified Peres Elementary After School Base 95.69%        44,389.80
Sacramento 34765056033385 20-03-34-20-ASES-87 Twin Rivers Unified Hagginwood Elementary After School Base 95.62%          2,130.71
Sacramento 34765056032957 20-03-34-20-ASES-87 Twin Rivers Unified Garden Valley Elementary After School Base 95.60%        19,811.61
Alameda 01612596057020 20-04-01-20-ASES-138 Oakland Unified Frick Middle After School Base 95.24%        31,053.52
Los Angeles 19647330124016 20-11-19-20-ASES-118 Animo Middle School #3 Animo Legacy Charter Middle After School Base 95.05%        65,311.60
Imperial 13630996008346 20-09-13-20-ASES-157 Calexico Unified Dool Elementary After School Base 94.92%             259.24
Imperial 13630996008346 20-09-13-20-ASES-157 Calexico Unified Dool Elementary Large-school Adjustment 94.92% 5,537.00
King 16639666010508 20-07-16-20-ASES-131 Kings County Office of Education Lakeside Elementary After School Base 94.89%        31,968.00
San Bernardino 36678190137760 20-10-36-20-ASES-58 Ontario-Montclair Lincoln Elementary After School Base 94.76%        13,316.94
Los Angeles 19645500138172 20-11-19-20-ASES-161 Garvey Elementary Duff Language Magnet Academy After School Base 94.74%        60,739.20
Sacramento 34765056032940 20-03-34-20-ASES-87 Twin Rivers Unified Fairbanks Elementary After School Base 94.68%             532.68
Sacramento 34765056033559 20-03-34-20-ASES-87 Twin Rivers Unified Oakdale Elementary After School Base 94.42%        51,314.61
Alameda 01612590115626 20-04-01-20-ASES-138 Oakland Unified West Oakland Middle After School Base 93.97%        53,315.99
Los Angeles 19647330122416 20-11-19-20-ASES-64 Los Angeles Unified Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy After School Base 93.60%        70,986.14

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 6, 2020
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