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FAAST Application Process

Instructions on how the use the State Water Resources Control Board Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool (FAAST).

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) application narratives must be submitted online. Please visit the State Water Resources Control Board FAAST External link opens in new window or tab. web page on or before Friday, January 26, 2018, by 5 p.m. Narratives cannot be uploaded after the deadline as the system will no longer be available. Lack of internet access or a loss of connection while submitting an application narrative will not be considered as a viable reason for missing the application deadline and may not be appealed.

Questions and/or technical assistance about the FAAST system can be directed to the State Water Resources Control Board staff by phone at 866-434-1083, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by e-mail at The California Department of Education (CDE) cannot provide technical assistance for how FAAST operates.

Financial Assistance Application Submittal Tool Instructions

The CDE will not add, delete, or replace items from the application once it has been submitted. If any subsequent changes to an application need to be made, the applicant must contact the FAAST administrators to modify their application prior to the submission deadline.

Only online FAAST application narratives will be accepted. Printed or faxed copies of the application submitted to the CDE will not be accepted in lieu of the online application. Applicants will be disqualified if they do not submit an online application through FAAST by the application deadline. Submission of a hard copy application narrative to the CDE is not required.

In FAAST, each question will have a limited space in which to provide an answer. Note that some questions will have one provided text box, while other questions will be provided with multiple text boxes; each text box will only allow between 100 and up to 4,000 text characters, including spaces.

Applicants must create an account using the FAAST system in order to submit an application. To create an account:

  1. Please go to the State Water Resources Control Board External link opens in new window or tab. web page.
  2. Under Create FAAST Account, click on Create an Account.
  3. Under Search for Organization, search for your organization’s name and if nothing is found click on Create New Organization.
  4. Complete your organization’s details (you do not have to submit your Data Universal Numbering System DUNS number) and press next step.
  5. Complete the User Account Details.
  6. Select a User Name and Password.
  7. Click on Create User Account.
  8. Once you have successfully created an account, you will be prompted to return to the main page to log onto FAAST.
  9. Put in your username and password and select Log onto FAAST.
  10. Click on Start a New Application/Survey.
  11. Check the boxes for usage recommendations, and select continue.
  12. Under Select Organization, click on Option 1.
  13. Under the Active Request For Proposals/Surveys, select the 21st CCLC.
  14. Applicants must complete each tab.
    • Note: Under the Funding tab, applicants must check the funding category (may have two if requesting EA funds).
  15. It is recommended that applicants save their work while moving through each tab of the application.
    • Note: Do not use your back button to move to the previous tab. Save your work first and then click on the next button.
  16. All fields that have an asterisk (*) must be completed.

Once the applicant has completed the narrative portion and uploaded any supporting documentation, the narratives must be Submitted as Final in order to be considered complete. Applications that are not Submitted as Final will not be considered complete and will be disqualified. To submit an application as final:

  1. On the Status tab it will say Application In Progress (not submitted).
  2. Click the Preview/Submit button, then the Application Completion Check button.
  3. If that comes back successfully, then type their initials into the box, then click the Submit button to finalize the application.
  4. After submitting the application, applicants will see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirming they have submitted their application as final. The PIN will show up under the Submitted Applications menu section and not the Active Applications menu section.

Technical Assistance

The CDE staff will provide an overview webinar of the Request for Application as well as a FAAST webinar for how to upload narrative documents. The specific date, time, and location of the webinar will be posted on the CDE website.

Questions:   Expanded Learning Division | | 916-319-0923
Last Reviewed: Friday, September 11, 2020
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