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Funding Results

System of Support for Expanded Learning Grant

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

Funding results for fiscal year 2018–19.

Program Questions: Jen Taylor, email:, phone: 916-323-1027

Fiscal Questions: Karissa Lujan, email:, phone: 916-319-0620

Name of County Office of Education County Number Region Number Amount
Mendocino County Office of Education 23 1 $252,600
Butte County Office of Education 4 2 $326,200
Sacramento County Office of Education 34 3 $374,100
Alameda County Office of Education 1 4 $588,000
Monterey County Office of Education 27 5 $363,300
Stanislaus County Office of Education 50 6 $336,300
Fresno County Office of Education 10 7 $229,100
Merced County Office of Education 24 7 $115,700
Tulare County Office of Education 54 7 $249,840
Ventura County Office of Education 56 8 $384,900
Orange County Office of Education 30 9 $264,200
San Diego County Office of Education 37 9 $390,200
Imperial County Office of Education 13 9 $85,100
Riverside County Office of Education 33 10 $293,700
San Bernardino Office of Education 36 10 $304,500
Los Angeles Office of Education 19 11 $1,444,300

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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