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Request for Applications

American Indian Education Centers

Note: The due date for the request for applications has passed. This page is for reference and administration of funding.

California Indian education centers serve as educational resource centers to American Indian students, parents, and public schools in American Indian communities. The centers assist in improving academic achievement and lowering dropout rates among American Indian students at all grade levels, including encouraging students to continue education beyond high school.

Program Questions: Judy Delgado, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0506

Downloading Questions: Chavela Delp, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0609

NOTE: The Request for Applications - Second Round has been rescinded and is no longer available.

Document Description
Request for Applications (DOC)
Application and Instructions
Appendix 1 (DOC)
Application Rubric
Appendix 2 (DOC) Board of Directors/Tribal Council and Parent Advisory Council List
Appendix 3 (DOC) Documentation Requirements
Appendix 4 (DOC) Commercial Tobacco-Free Certification
Appendix 5 (XLS) Project Activities Table
Appendix 6 (XLS) Funding From Other Sources
Appendix 7 (XLS) Budget Summary
Appendix 8 (XLS) Budget Detail
Appendix 9 (DOC) Budget Narrative
Appendix 10 (XLS)

Audited Final Revenue and Expenditure Report

Certifications and Assurances

Document Description

General Assurances & Certifications
(Posted May-2013)

Required as a condition of receiving funds. Applicants do not need to sign and return them with the application; they must be downloaded and kept on file for compliance reviews, complaint investigations, or audits. Applicants that participate in the Consolidated Application - ConApp - should have a copy on file and do not need another copy. Program-specific assurances are not included here and should be listed separately on the Request for Application (RFA).

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Last Reviewed: Friday, January 20, 2017
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