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ASES Grant Renewal Cycles

Grant Renewal Cycle list to determine which year After School Education and Safety (ASES) grants are scheduled to be renewed every three years.

Cycle A Applications due January 22, 2019


Grant Cycle A

Due January 22, 2019 (Fiscal Year 2019–20)

Grant ID Agency Region
12-23939-1012-EZ Humboldt County Office of Education 1
12-23939-7551-EZ Eureka City Schools School District 1
23-23939-6561-EZ Ukiah Unified School District 1
49-23939-7084-EZ Old Adobe Union School District 1
49-23939-7095-EZ Sonoma Valley Unified School District 1
49-23939-7535-EZ Windsor Unified School District 1
04-23939-6153-EZ Paradise Unified School District 2
11-23939-1011-EZ Glenn County Office of Education 2
45-23939-6997-EZ Enterprise Elementary School District 2
52-23939-1052-EZ Tehama County Department of Education 2
53-23939-1053-EZ Trinity County Office of Education 2
06-23939-6160-EZ Maxwell Unified School District 3
06-23939-6161-EZ Pierce Joint Unified School District 3
31-23939-6678-EZ Auburn Union Elementary School District 3
31-23939-6694-EZ Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District 3
34-23939-6733-EZ Folsom-Cordova Unified School District 3
34-23939-6744-EZ San Juan Unified School District 3
34-23939-7528-EZ Natomas Unified School District 3
34-23939-7650-EZ Twin Rivers Unified School District 3
57-23939-2170-EZ City of Winters 3
01-23939-6114-EZ Berkeley Unified School District 4
01-23939-6116-EZ Emery Unified School District 4
01-23939-6119-EZ Hayward Unified School District 4
01-23939-6129-EZ San Leandro Unified School District 4
01-23939-6130-EZ San Lorenzo Unified School District 4
01-23939-C014-EZ Oakland Charter Academy 4
01-23939-S783-EZ Lodestar: A Lighthouse Community Charter Public 4
07-23939-1007-EZ Contra Costa County Office of Education 4
07-23939-S441-EZ Richmond Charter Academy 4
21-23939-6541-EZ Novato Unified School District 4
21-23939-7336-EZ Shoreline Unified School District 4
38-23939-6847-EZ San Francisco Unified School District 4
38-23939-S733-EZ One Purpose School 4
41-23939-6894-EZ La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District 4
41-23939-6900-EZ Redwood City Elementary School District 4
41-23939-6903-EZ San Mateo-Foster City School District 4
48-23939-7057-EZ Vacaville Unified School District 4
27-23939-6596-EZ Alisal Union School District 5
27-23939-6603-EZ Greenfield Union Elementary School District 5
27-23939-6609-EZ Monterey Peninsula Unified School District 5
27-23939-6615-EZ Salinas Union High School District 5
27-23939-6617-EZ San Ardo Union Elementary School District 5
27-23939-6618-EZ San Lucas Union Elementary School District 5
27-23939-7544-EZ Soledad Unified School District 5
27-23939-7547-EZ Gonzales Unified School District 5
35-23939-7525-EZ Aromas/San Juan Unified School District 5
43-23939-6962-EZ Oak Grove Elementary School District 5
43-23939-C502-EZ Escuela Popular Accelerated Family Learning Center 5
43-23939-S393-EZ Rocketship Academy Brilliant Minds 5
43-23939-S394-EZ Rocketship Alma Academy 5
43-23939-S526-EZ Rocketship Spark 5
43-23939-S618-EZ Alpha: Jose Hernandez Middle 5
43-23939-S778-EZ Rocketship Franklin McKinley 5
44-23939-6976-EZ Live Oak Elementary School District 5
44-23939-6979-EZ Pajaro Valley Unified School District 5
39-23939-6867-EZ Stockton Unified School District 6
50-23939-7116-EZ Modesto City Elementary School District 6
50-23939-7128-EZ Stanislaus Union Elementary School District 6
50-23939-7360-EZ Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District 6
50-23939-7554-EZ Hughson Unified School District 6
50-23939-7555-EZ Riverbank Unified School District 6
50-23939-7556-EZ Oakdale Joint Unified School District 6
10-23939-6213-EZ West Hills Community College District 7
10-23939-6216-EZ Fresno Unified School District 7
16-23939-1016-EZ Kings County Office of Education 7
16-23939-6389-EZ Corcoran Joint Unified School District 7
20-23939-C676-EZ Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy 7
22-23939-1022-EZ Mariposa County Office of Education 7
24-23939-6575-EZ Los Banos Unified School District 7
54-23939-7199-EZ Lindsay Unified School District 7
54-23939-7200-EZ Monson-Sultana Joint Union Elementary 7
54-23939-7204-EZ Pixley Union Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7532-EZ Farmersville Unified School District 7
54-23939-7552-EZ Porterville Unified School District 7
15-23939-6332-EZ Bakersfield City School District 8
15-23939-6336-EZ Panama-Buena Vista Union School District 8
15-23939-6346-EZ Fairfax Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6350-EZ Greenfield Union School District 8
15-23939-6357-EZ Richland Union Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6380-EZ Taft City School District 8
15-23939-6384-EZ Wasco Union Elementary School District 8
15-23939-7390-EZ McFarland Unified School District 8
15-23939-S292-EZ Grimmway Academy 8
42-23939-6914-EZ Carpinteria Unified School District 8
42-23939-6917-EZ College Elementary District 8
42-23939-6920-EZ Guadalupe Union Elementary School District 8
42-23939-6922-EZ Lompoc Unified School District 8
42-23939-7501-EZ Cuyama Joint Unified School District 8
56-23939-7265-EZ Ventura Unified School District 8
56-23939-7682-EZ Santa Paula Unified School District 8
13-23939-1013-EZ Imperial County Office of Education 9
13-23939-6322-EZ Seeley Union Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6642-EZ Anaheim Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6643-EZ Anaheim Union High School District 9
30-23939-6647-EZ Centralia Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6650-EZ Fullerton Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6656-EZ La Habra City Elementary School District 9
30-23939-7363-EZ Saddleback Valley Unified School District 9
30-23939-C578-EZ Edward B. Cole Academy 9
30-23939-S799-EZ Orange County Academy of Sciences and Arts 9
37-24239-1037-EZ San Diego County Office of Education 9
37-24239-6833-EZ San Diego Unified School District 9
26-23939-7366-EZ Eastern Sierra Unified School District 10
33-23939-2186-EZ City of Moreno Valley 10
33-23939-6697-EZ Alvord Unified School District 10
33-23939-6698-EZ Banning Unified School District 10
33-23939-6703-EZ Corona-Norco Unified School District 10
33-23939-6719-EZ Perris Elementary School District 10
33-23939-6723-EZ Romoland Elementary School District 10
33-23939-7367-EZ Coachella Valley Unified School District 10
36-23939-6758-EZ Adelanto Elementary School District 10
36-23939-6768-EZ Colton Joint Unified School District 10
36-23939-6780-EZ Needles Unified School District 10
36-23939-6781-EZ Ontario-Montclair School District 10
36-23939-6785-EZ Rialto Unified School District 10
36-23939-7395-EZ Snowline Joint Unified School District 10
36-23939-7505-EZ Lucerne Valley Unified School District 10
36-23939-S153-EZ Excel Prep Charter 10
36-23939-S437-EZ Taft T. Newman Leadership Academy 10
19-23939-6429-EZ Bassett Unified School District 11
19-23939-6439-EZ Claremont Unified School District 11
19-23939-6445-EZ Downey Unified School District 11
19-23939-6450-EZ El Monte City School District 11
19-23939-6452-EZ El Rancho Unified School District 11
19-23939-6459-EZ Hawthorne School District 11
19-23939-6469-EZ Lawndale Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6470-EZ Lennox School District 11
19-23939-6471-EZ Little Lake City Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6472-EZ Long Beach Unified School District 11
19-23939-6477-EZ Lynwood Unified School District 11
19-23939-6480-EZ Montebello Unified School District 11
19-23939-6483-EZ Newhall School District 11
19-23939-6484-EZ Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District 11
19-23939-6493-EZ Rosemead Elementary School District 11
19-23939-7529-EZ San Gabriel Unified School District 11
19-23939-7571-EZ Alhambra Unified School District 11
19-23939-C016-EZ Vaughn Next Century Learning Center 11
19-23939-C293-EZ Camino Nuevo Charter Academy 11
19-23939-C448-EZ Downtown Value School 11
19-23939-C521-EZ N.E.W. Academy of Science and Arts 11
19-23939-C531-EZ KIPP Los Angeles College Preparatory Charter School 11
19-23939-C539-EZ Accelerated Charter Elementary School 11
19-23939-C636-EZ Synergy Charter Academy 11
19-23939-C645-EZ Alliance Gertz-Ressler Richard Merkin 6-12 Complex 11
19-23939-C654-EZ Bert Corona Charter School 11
19-23939-C779-EZ Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle 11
19-23939-C784-EZ Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan 6-12 Complex 11
19-23939-C958-EZ Celerity Dyad Charter School 11
19-23939-C961-EZ Celerity Troika Charter School 11
19-23939-S014-EZ Synergy Kinetic Academy 11
19-23939-S062-EZ Barack Obama Charter School 11
19-23939-S093-EZ Equitas Academy Charter School 11
19-23939-S095-EZ Valor Academy Charter School 11
19-23939-S096-EZ Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy No. 4 11
19-23939-S097-EZ Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy No. 5 11
19-23939-S101-EZ Academia Moderna 11
19-23939-S225-EZ Life Source International Charter School 11
19-23939-S288-EZ Animo Middle School #3 11
19-23939-S289-EZ Animo Middle School #4 11
19-23939-S334-EZ Camino Nuevo Charter Academy #4 11
19-23939-S377-EZ KIPP Scholar Academy 11
19-23939-S378-EZ KIPP Philosophers Academy 11
19-23939-S379-EZ KIPP Sol Academy 11
19-23939-S402-EZ Equitas Academy #2 11
19-23939-S406-EZ Apple Academy Charter Public School 11
19-23939-S531-EZ Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 8 11
19-23939-S532-EZ Alliance Kory Hunter Middle 11
19-23939-S638-EZ Everest Value School 11
19-23939-S640-EZ Clemente Charter 11
19-23939-S703-EZ Public Policy Charter School 11
19-23939-S738-EZ Alliance 6-12 College-Ready Academy #21 11
19-23939-S787-EZ Valor Academy Elementary 11
19-23939-S788-EZ New Los Angeles Charter Elementary 11
19-23939-S791-EZ Girls Athletic Leadership School Los Angeles 11

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Grant Cycle B

Due February, 2020 (Fiscal Year 2020–21)

Grant ID Agency Region
17-23939-6403-EZ Lakeport Unified School District 1
23-23939-1023-EZ Mendocino County Office of Education 1
49-23939-7061-EZ Bellevue Union Elementary School District 1
49-23939-7070-EZ Geyserville Unified School District 1
49-23939-7085-EZ Petaluma City Elementary School District 1
49-23939-7091-EZ Santa Rosa Elementary School District 1
49-23939-7092-EZ Santa Rosa High School District 1
49-23939-7097-EZ Two Rock Union School District 1
49-23939-7388-EZ Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District 1
49-23939-C215-EZ Kid Street Learning Center 1
04-23939-6138-EZ Bangor Union Elementary School District 2
04-23939-6142-EZ Chico Unified School District 2
25-23939-1025-EZ Modoc County Office of Education 2
25-23939-7359-EZ Tulelake Basin Joint Unified School District 2
45-23939-6995-EZ Cottonwood Union Elementary School District 2
45-23939-7526-EZ Gateway Unified School District 2
45-23939-C849-EZ Rocky Point Charter 2
47-23939-1047-EZ Siskiyou County Office of Education 2
53-23939-7173-EZ Junction City Elementary School District 2
06-23939-6159-EZ Colusa Unified School District 3
06-23939-6162-EZ Williams Unified School District 3
09-23939-6190-EZ Lake Tahoe Unified School District 3
29-23939-6633-EZ Grass Valley Elementary School District 3
29-23939-7687-EZ Penn Valley Union Elementary School District 3
34-23939-6741-EZ River Delta Joint Unified School District 3
34-23939-6743-EZ Sacramento City Unified School District 3
34-23939-C561-EZ Community Outreach Academy 3
34-23939-C640-EZ Language Academy of Sacramento 3
34-23939-C862-EZ Higher Learning Academy 3
34-23939-S563-EZ Gateway International School 3
51-23939-7139-EZ Live Oak Unified 3
51-23939-7139-EZ Live Oak Unified 3
57-23939-7268-EZ Esparto Unified School District 3
57-23939-7271-EZ Woodland Joint Unified School District 3
58-23939-7273-EZ Marysville Joint Unified School District 3
01-23939-2057-EZ City of Livermore 4
01-23939-6117-EZ Fremont Unified School District 4
01-23939-6120-EZ Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District 4
01-23939-6125-EZ Oakland Unified School District 4
01-23939-C349-EZ Oakland Military Institute 4
01-23939-C413-EZ Lighthouse Community Charter School 4
01-23939-C524-EZ KIPP Summit Academy 4
01-23939-C780-EZ Achieve Academy 4
01-23939-C938-EZ KIPP Bridge Charter School 4
01-23939-S284-EZ Community School for Creative Education 4
01-23939-S442-EZ Learning Without Limits 4
01-23939-S443-EZ ASCEND 4
01-23939-S464-EZ Lazear Charter Academy 4
01-23939-S660-EZ Richmond Charter Elementary-Benito Juarez 4
01-23939-S661-EZ Downtown Charter Academy 4
07-23939-6164-EZ Antioch Unified School District 4
07-23939-6165-EZ Brentwood Union Elementary School District 4
07-23939-6169-EZ John Swett Unified School District 4
07-23939-6175-EZ Mt. Diablo Unified School District 4
21-23939-6547-EZ Sausalito Marin City School District 4
28-23939-1028-EZ Napa County Office of Education 4
38-23939-C158-EZ Edison Charter Academy 4
38-23939-C549-EZ KIPP Bayview Academy 4
38-23939-C551-EZ KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy 4
41-23939-2361-EZ City of Daly City 4
41-23939-6897-EZ Millbrae Elementary School District 4
41-23939-S736-EZ Rocketship Redwood City 4
48-23939-2168-EZ City of Suisun City 4
48-23939-2169-EZ City of Fairfield 4
48-23939-C181-EZ Mare Island Technology Academy 4
48-23939-S779-EZ Caliber: ChangeMakers Academy 4
27-23939-6597-EZ Bradley Union Elementary School District 5
27-23939-6599-EZ Chualar Union School District 5
27-23939-6614-EZ Salinas City Elementary School District 5
27-23939-7382-EZ North Monterey County Unified School District 5
35-23939-6747-EZ Hollister School District 5
43-23939-6937-EZ Berryessa Union Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6939-EZ Campbell Union School District 5
43-23939-6943-EZ Evergreen Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6948-EZ Gilroy Unified School District 5
43-23939-6954-EZ Luther Burbank School District 5
43-23939-6961-EZ Mount Pleasant Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6966-EZ San Jose Unified School District 5
43-23939-C628-EZ KIPP Heartwood Academy 5
43-23939-S268-EZ Downtown Colege Prep - Alum Rock 5
43-23939-S268-EZ Downtown Colege Prep - Alum Rock 5
43-23939-S687-EZ Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep 5
44-23939-6981-EZ Santa Cruz City Elementary School District 5
39-23939-6856-EZ Lincoln Unified School District 6
39-23939-6858-EZ Lodi Unified School District 6
39-23939-S027-EZ Dr. Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. Charter School 6
39-23939-S518-EZ Acacia Elementary Charter School 6
50-23939-7104-EZ Ceres Unified School District 6
10-23939-1010-EZ Fresno County Office of Education 7
10-23939-6211-EZ Clovis Unified School District 7
10-23939-6241-EZ Sanger Unified School District 7
10-23939-C662-EZ Valley Preparatory Academy 7
16-23939-6397-EZ Lemoore Union Elementary School District 7
16-23939-7393-EZ Reef-Sunset Unified School District 7
22-23939-6553-EZ Mariposa County Unified School District 7
24-23939-1024-EZ Merced County Office of Education 7
24-23939-6568-EZ El Nido Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7219-EZ Terra Bella Union Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7225-EZ Visalia Unified School District 7
54-23939-7229-EZ Woodville Union Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7683-EZ Exeter Unified School District 7
15-23939-6340-EZ Delano Union Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6342-EZ Di Giorgio Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6354-EZ Kernville Union Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6356-EZ Lamont Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6378-EZ South Fork Union School District 8
15-23939-6379-EZ Standard Elementary School District 8
15-23939-7516-EZ El Tejon Unified School District 8
40-23939-6870-EZ Atascadero Unified School District 8
40-23939-6875-EZ Lucia Mar Unified School District 8
40-23939-6882-EZ San Miguel Joint Union School District 8
40-23939-7545-EZ Paso Robles Joint Unified School District 8
42-23939-6912-EZ Santa Maria-Bonita School District 8
42-23939-6919-EZ Goleta Union Elementary School District 8
42-23939-6926-EZ Orcutt Union Elementary School District 8
42-23939-7678-EZ Santa Barbara Unified School District 8
56-23939-7244-EZ Briggs Elementary School District 8
56-23939-7251-EZ Ocean View School District 8
56-23939-7261-EZ Somis Union School District 8
56-23939-7375-EZ Conejo Valley Unified School District 8
13-23939-6307-EZ Brawley Elementary School District 9
13-23939-6309-EZ Calexico Unified School District 9
13-23939-6312-EZ El Centro Elementary School District 9
13-23939-6314-EZ Holtville Unified School District 9
30-23939-6645-EZ Buena Park Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6648-EZ Cypress Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6658-EZ Magnolia Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6659-EZ Newport-Mesa Unified School District 9
30-23939-6661-EZ Ocean View School District 9
30-23939-6667-EZ Santa Ana Unified School District 9
30-23939-C701-EZ Orange County Educational Arts Academy 9
37-23939-C553-EZ Integrity Charter School 9
37-23939-S517-EZ Health Sciences Middle 9
33-23939-6699-EZ Beaumont Unified School District 10
33-23939-6705-EZ Desert Sands Unified School District 10
33-23939-6715-EZ Nuview Union School District 10
33-23939-6717-EZ Palm Springs Unified School District 10
33-23939-6720-EZ Perris Union High School District 10
33-23939-6721-EZ Riverside Unified School District 10
33-23939-6724-EZ San Jacinto Unified School District 10
33-23939-7517-EZ Lake Elsinore Unified School District 10
33-23939-7519-EZ Temecula Valley Unified School District 10
36-23939-6777-EZ Morongo Unified School District 10
36-23939-6791-EZ Victor Elementary School District 10
36-23939-6793-EZ Victor Valley Union High School District 10
36-23939-7506-EZ Upland Unified School District 10
36-23939-S089-EZ New Vision Middle School 10
36-23939-S438-EZ Woodward Leadership Academy 10
36-23939-S795-EZ Ballington Academy for the Arts and Sciences San Bernardino 10
19-23939-2172-EZ City of Paramount 11
19-23939-6421-EZ ABC Unified School District 11
19-23939-6430-EZ Bellflower Unified School District 11
19-23939-6443-EZ Covina-Valley Unified School District 11
19-23939-6444-EZ Culver City Unified School District 11
19-23939-6446-EZ Duarte Unified School District 11
19-23939-6447-EZ Eastside Union Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6455-EZ Garvey Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6463-EZ Inglewood Unified School District 11
19-23939-6479-EZ Monrovia Unified School District 11
19-23939-6481-EZ Mountain View Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6488-EZ Pasadena Unified School District 11
19-23939-6503-EZ South Whittier Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6504-EZ Sulphur Springs Union School District 11
19-23939-7343-EZ Compton Unified School District 11
19-23939-7345-EZ Rowland Unified School District 11
19-23939-C045-EZ The Accelerated School 11
19-23939-C190-EZ View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter 11
19-23939-C388-EZ Multicultural Learning Center 11
19-23939-C438-EZ Magnolia Science Academy 11
19-23939-C461-EZ Los Angeles Leadership Academy 11
19-23939-C530-EZ KIPP Academy of Opportunity 11
19-23939-C540-EZ North Valley Military Institute 11
19-23939-C592-EZ N.E.W. Academy Canoga Park 11
19-23939-C672-EZ Century Community Charter School 11
19-23939-C675-EZ Los Angeles Academy of Arts& Enterprise 11
19-23939-C716-EZ Celerity Nascent Charter School 11
19-23939-C734-EZ James Jordan Middle School 11
19-23939-C761-EZ New Heights Charter School 11
19-23939-C809-EZ Century Academy for Excellence 11
19-23939-C829-EZ Garr Academy of Math and Entrepreneurial Studies 11
19-23939-C911-EZ Fenton Primary Center 11
19-23939-C917-EZ Magnolia Science Academy-3 11
19-23939-C931-EZ Monsenor Oscar Romero Charter School 11
19-23939-C934-EZ Global Education Academy 11
19-23939-C937-EZ Center for Advanced Learning 11
19-23939-C963-EZ Lifeline Education Charter 11
19-23939-C998-EZ New Los Angeles Charter School 11
19-23939-S094-EZ Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School 11
19-23939-S157-EZ Ingenium Charter School 11
19-23939-S187-EZ Crown Preparatory Academy 11
19-23939-S195-EZ KIPP Empower Academy 11
19-23939-S204-EZ Environmental Charter Middle School 11
19-23939-S206-EZ TEACH Academy of Technologies 11
19-23939-S216-EZ Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School 11
19-23939-S234-EZ Vista Charter Middle School 11
19-23939-S287-EZ Animo Charter Middle No. 2 11
19-23939-S333-EZ Los Angeles Leadership Primary Academy 11
19-23939-S501-EZ Environmental Charter Middle - Inglewood 11
19-23939-S530-EZ Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy 10 11
19-23939-S533-EZ Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy No. 12 11
19-24239-S561-EZ Global Education Academy Middle School 11
19-23939-S562-EZ Extera Public School No. 2 11
19-23939-S567-EZ New Horizons Charter Academy
19-23939-S605-EZ Fenton STEM Academy 11
19-23939-S612-EZ Grace Hopper STEM Academy 11
19-23939-S656-EZ Community Preparatory Academy 11
19-23939-S685-EZ Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America
19-23939-S711-EZ Libertas College Prep 11
19-23939-S744-EZ Valiente College Preparatory Charter 11
19-23939-S785-EZ Equitas Academy 4 11
19-23939-S794-EZ Animo Florence-Firestone Charter Middle  11
19-23939-S858-EZ Celerity Himalia Charter 11

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Grant Cycle C

Due February, 2021 (Fiscal Year 2021–22)

Grant Number Awardee Name Region
08-23939-6182-EZ Del Norte County Unified School District 1
12-23939-6290-EZ Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District 1
17-23939-1017-EZ Lake County Office of Education 1
49-23939-7065-EZ Cloverdale Unified School District 1
49-23939-7072-EZ Guerneville Elementary School District 1
49-23939-7090-EZ Roseland School District 1
49-23939-7103-EZ Wright Elementary School District 1
49-23939-7539-EZ Healdsburg Unified School District 1
04-23939-1004-EZ Butte County Office of Education 2
18-23939-1018-EZ Lassen County Office of Education 2
32-23939-6696-EZ Plumas Unified School District 2
45-23939-1045-EZ Shasta County Office of Education 2
45-23939-7011-EZ Redding Elementary School District 2
02-23939-6133-EZ Alpine County Unified School District 3
09-23939-6195-EZ Placerville Union Elementary School District 3
29-23939-6641-EZ Twin Ridges Elementary 3
31-23939-6691-EZ Roseville City Elementary School District 3
31-23939-6695-EZ Western Placer Unified School District 3
34-23939-2192-EZ City of Sacramento 3
34-23939-6731-EZ Elk Grove Unified School District 3
34-23939-6734-EZ Galt Joint Union Elementary School District 3
34-23939-S273-EZ Capitol Collegiate Academy 3
51-23939-7140-EZ Marcum-Illinois Union Elementary School District 3
51-23939-7146-EZ Yuba City Unified School District 3
57-23939-7269-EZ Washington Unified School District 3
58-23939-7275-EZ Wheatland School District 3
01-23939-6111-EZ Alameda Unified School District 4
01-23939-6123-EZ Newark Unified School District 4
01-23939-C252-EZ Aspire Monarch Academy 4
01-23939-S908-EZ Aurum Preparatory 4
01-23939-C499-EZ East Oakland Leadership Academy 4
01-23939-C661-EZ Bay Area Technology School 4
01-23939-S271-EZ Vincent Academy 4
01-23939-S707-EZ Oakland Unity Middle 4
07-23939-6178-EZ Pittsburg Unified School District 4
07-23939-6179-EZ West Contra Costa Unified School District 4
07-23939-C755-EZ Richmond College Preparatory 4
07-23939-S622-EZ Caliber: Beta Academy 4
21-23939-6545-EZ San Rafael City Elementary School District 4
38-23939-S270-EZ SBE - Mission Preparatory 4
41-23939-2171-EZ City of South San Francisco 4
41-23939-6889-EZ Cabrillo Unified School District 4
41-23939-6891-EZ Jefferson Elementary School District 4
41-23939-S735-EZ KIPP Excelencia Community Preparatory 4
41-23939-S868-EZ KIPP Valiant Community Prep 4
41-23939-6899-EZ Ravenswood City Elementary School District 4
41-23939-6901-EZ San Bruno Park Elementary School District 4
48-23939-7053-EZ Dixon Unified School District 4
48-23939-7058-EZ Vallejo City Unified School District 4
27-23939-6605-EZ King City Union School District 5
27-23939-6619-EZ Santa Rita Union Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6936-EZ Alum Rock Union Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6945-EZ Franklin-McKinley Elementary School District 5
43-23939-6957-EZ Moreland School District 5
43-23939-6958-EZ Morgan Hill Unified School District 5
43-23939-6959-EZ Mountain View Whisman School District 5
43-23939-6967-EZ Santa Clara Unified School District 5
43-23939-6969-EZ Sunnyvale School District 5
43-23939-7338-EZ Milpitas Unified School District 5
43-23939-C850-EZ Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary 5
43-23939-C972-EZ ACE Empower Academy 5
43-23939-S061-EZ Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy 5
43-23939-S127-EZ Rocketship Los Suenos Academy 5
43-23939-S192-EZ Rocketship Mosaic Elementary 5
43-23939-S193-EZ Rocketship Discovery Prep 5
43-23939-S290-EZ Sunrise Middle School 5
43-23939-S375-EZ Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle 5
43-23939-S608-EZ KIPP Heritage Academy 5
43-23939-S609-EZ KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy 5
39-23939-1039-EZ San Joaquin County Office of Education 6
39-23939-6859-EZ Manteca Unified School District 6
39-23939-S519-EZ Acacia Middle Charter School 6
50-23939-1050-EZ Stanislaus County Office of Education 6
50-23939-7126-EZ Salida Union Elementary School District 6
50-23939-7129-EZ Sylvan Union Elementary School District 6
16-23939-6391-EZ Hanford Elementary School District 7
20-23939-6519-EZ Chowchilla Elementary School District 7
20-23939-6524-EZ Madera Unified School District 7
24-23939-6563-EZ Atwater Elementary School District 7
24-23939-6572-EZ Le Grand Union Elementary School District 7
24-23939-6587-EZ Winton School District 7
54-23939-1054-EZ Tulare County Office of Education 7
54-23939-7183-EZ Burton Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7186-EZ Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District 7
54-23939-7217-EZ Sundale Union Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7221-EZ Tipton Elementary School District 7
54-23939-7679-EZ Woodlake Unified School District 7
15-23939-6331-EZ Arvin Union School District 8
15-23939-6333-EZ Beardsley Elementary School District 8
15-23939-6343-EZ Edison Elementary School District 8
15-23939-S847-EZ Grimmway Academy Shafter 8
15-23939-6377-EZ Southern Kern Unified School District 8
15-23939-6382-EZ Tehachapi Unified School District 8
15-23939-6383-EZ Vineland Elementary School District 8
15-23939-7374-EZ Sierra Sands Unified School District 8
40-23939-7546-EZ Coast Unified School District 8
56-23939-7245-EZ Fillmore Unified School District 8
56-23939-7246-EZ Hueneme Elementary School District 8
56-23939-7253-EZ Oxnard School District 8
56-23939-7256-EZ Rio Elementary School District 8
56-23939-7260-EZ Simi Valley Unified School District 8
56-23939-7394-EZ Moorpark Unified School District 8
13-23939-6319-EZ Meadows Union Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6646-EZ Capistrano Unified School District 9
30-23939-6652-EZ Garden Grove Unified School District 9
30-23939-6662-EZ Orange Unified School District 9
30-23939-6664-EZ Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District 9
30-23939-6669-EZ Savanna Elementary School District 9
30-23939-6674-EZ Westminster School District 9
30-23939-7364-EZ Tustin Unified School District 9
30-23939-C365-EZ El Sol Santa Ana Science and Arts Academy 9
30-23939-S701-EZ GOALS Academy 9
33-23939-6708-EZ Hemet Unified School District 10
33-23939-6709-EZ Jurupa Unified School District 10
36-23939-6761-EZ Barstow Unified School District 10
36-23939-6767-EZ Chino Valley Unified School District 10
36-23939-6769-EZ Cucamonga Elementary School District 10
36-23939-6771-EZ Fontana Unified School District 10
36-23939-C801-EZ Pathways to College 10
36-23939-6784-EZ Redlands Unified School District 10
36-23939-6787-EZ San Bernardino City Unified School District 10
36-23939-6795-EZ Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District 10
36-23939-7507-EZ Apple Valley Unified School District 10
19-23939-2384-EZ City of Pico Rivera 11
19-23939-6427-EZ Azusa Unified School District 11
19-23939-6428-EZ Baldwin Park Unified School District 11
19-23939-6433-EZ Burbank Unified School District 11
19-23939-6448-EZ East Whittier City Elementary School District 11
19-23939-S918-EZ Excelencia Charter Academy 11
19-23939-S853-EZ Gabriella Charter 2 11
19-23939-6456-EZ Glendale Unified School District 11
19-23939-6464-EZ Keppel Union Elementary School District 11
19-23939-S855-EZ KIPP Corazon Academy 11
19-23939-S508-EZ KIPP Illuminar Academy 11
19-23939-6466-EZ Lancaster Elementary School District 11
19-23939-S818-EZ LA's Promise Charter Middle #1 11
19-23939-6473-EZ Los Angeles Unified School District 11
19-23939-6475-EZ Los Nietos School District 11
19-23939-S686-EZ Magnolia Science Academy Santa Ana 11
19-23939-6485-EZ Palmdale Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6490-EZ Pomona Unified School District 11
19-23939-C473-EZ Puente College 11
19-23939-6499-EZ Saugus Union School District 11
19-23939-S866 EZ Stella Elementary Charter Academy 11
19-23939-6509-EZ West Covina Unified School District 11
19-23939-6511-EZ Whittier City Elementary School District 11
19-23939-6515-EZ Wilsona Elementary School District 11
19-23939-7344-EZ Hacienda la Puente Unified School District 11
19-23939-C131-EZ Watts Learning Center 11
19-23939-C475-EZ Para Los Ninos 11
19-23939-C535-EZ Stella Middle Charter Academy 11
19-23939-C601-EZ New Designs Charter School 11
19-23939-C713-EZ Gabriella Charter School 11
19-23939-C797-EZ Triumph Academy 11
19-23939-C987-EZ Magnolia Science Academy 5 11
19-23939-C989-EZ Magnolia Science Academy 7 11
19-23939-S075-EZ Today's Fresh Start Charter School Inglewood 11
19-23939-S137-EZ Children of Promise Preparatory Academy 11
19-23939-S196-EZ KIPP Comienza Community Prep 11
19-23939-S212-EZ Camino Nuevo Elementary No.3 11
19-23939-S217-EZ Animo Westside Charter Middle 11
19-23939-S218-EZ Arts In Action 11
19-23939-S231-EZ Camino Nuevo Academy #2 11
19-23939-S232-EZ Celerity Octavia Charter School 11
19-23939-S236-EZ Magnolia Science Academy Bell 11
19-23939-S246-EZ Celerity Palmati Charter School 11
19-23939-S285-EZ Celerity Cardinal Charter School 11
19-23939-S286-EZ Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle 11
19-23939-S300-EZ Extera Public School 11
19-23939-S315-EZ Rise Kohyang Middle School 11
19-23939-S542-EZ Prepa Tec 11
19-23939-S586-EZ KIPP Academy of Innovation 11
19-23939-S624-EZ Animo Mae Jemison Charter Middle 11
19-23939-S669-EZ Equitas Academy #3 Charter School 11
19-23939-S772-EZ Today's Fresh Start-Compton 11
19-23939-S827-E2 Celerity Achernar Charter 11

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