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SPC May 11, 2020 Meeting Agenda

Suicide Prevention Committee (SPC) meeting agenda for May 11, 2020.

Suicide Prevention Committee Virtual Meeting

May 11, 2020
10 a.m.–11 a.m.

California Department of Education
1430 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Call-in Number: 605-313-5110 and Access Code: 171080


Time Topic Presenter
10:00 am Welcome and Introductions • Monica Nepomuceno, California Department of Education (CDE)
10:10 a.m. Update on Statewide Crisis Response Team • Monica Nepomuceno, CDE
• Stan Collins, Directing Change
10:30 a.m. Update on Online Suicide Prevention Training • Heather Nemour, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)
10:40 a.m. Update on Legislative Bills Related to Suicide Prevention • Gordon Doughty, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Vic Ojakian, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Santa Clara
10:50 a.m. Update on Suicide Risk Assessment Packet • Stan Collins, Directing Change
11:00 a.m. Suicide Prevention Training Webinar for Local Educational Agencies and Parents • Monica Nepomuceno, CDE
11:10 a.m. 4th Annual Central Valley School Mental Health Convening • Amy Ranger, California School-Based Health Alliance
11:25 a.m. Announcements, Next Steps, Agenda Items for Next Meeting, and Closing Comments • Monica Nepomuceno, CDE


Reasonable Accommodation Will Be Provided For Any Individual With A Disability.

Pursuant to state and federal statutes, individuals with a disability may request reasonable accommodation to attend or participate in the Suicide Prevention Committee Meeting on May 11, 2020. Requests for Sign Language Interpreters should be directed to the Department’s Office of Equal Opportunity no later than three business days prior to the scheduled event. Mailing address: 1430 N Street, Suite 4206, Sacramento, CA 95814-5901; telephone: 916-445-9174;
fax: 916-324-9818.

Questions: Monica Nepomuceno | | 916-323-2212 
Last Reviewed: Monday, May 11, 2020
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