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School Psychologist: Qualifications and Definition

California Education Code sections 44874 and 49424 pertaining to school psychologist qualifications.

California Education Code sections 44874 and 49424

Qualifications for a Psychologist or Social Worker:

44874. The qualifications for a psychologist or social worker are a valid certificate issued by the appropriate California agency authorized by law to certify such persons and a services credential with a specialization in health. Any school district may employ and compensate psychologists and social workers meeting the foregoing qualifications.

Definition of School Psychologist and Services Provided:

49424. A school psychologist is a credentialed professional whose primary objective is the application of scientific principles of learning and behavior to ameliorate school-related problems and to facilitate the learning and development of children in the public schools of California.

To accomplish this objective the school psychologist provides services to children, teachers, parents, community agencies, and the school system itself. These services include:

  1. Consultation with school administrators concerning appropriate learning objectives for children, planning of developmental and remedial programs for pupils in regular and special school programs, and the development of educational experimentation and evaluation.
  2. Consultation with teachers in the development and implementation of classroom methods and procedures designed to facilitate pupil learning and to overcome learning and behavior disorders.
  3. Consultation with parents to assist in understanding the learning and adjustment processes of children.
  4. Consultation with community agencies, such as probation departments, mental health clinics, and welfare departments, concerning pupils who are being served by such community agencies.
  5. Consultation and supervision of pupil personnel services workers.
  6. Psychoeducational assessment and diagnosis of specific learning and behavioral disabilities, including, but not limited to, case study evaluation, recommendations for remediation or placement, and periodic reevaluation of such children.
  7. Psychological counseling of and other therapeutic techniques with children and parents, including parent education.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, July 24, 2020
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