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Budget Revision Transcript

After School Support and Information System (ASSIST) Budget Revision Presentation Transcript.

This text is the transcript of the Budget Revision Presentation (Flash).

Slide 1

Welcome to the After School Support and Information System, or ASSIST for short. The instructions that follow will be for the After School Education and Safety Program grants and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program grants for elementary, middle, and high school students.

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This training module will provide you with the following information:

  • A brief overview of ASSIST
  • A recap of budget revision requirements for before and after school grants
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to submit budget revisions online
  • Contact information if you have questions regarding budget revisions or any other questions related to ASSIST
Slide 3

The California Department of Education's (CDE) Learning Support and Partnerships Division has implemented a new online grant management system for before and after school program grants. This new system tracks and controls grant-related data including applications, budgets, attendance reports, expenditure reports, and payments.

Slide 4

The next set of budget related slides will identify the following:

  • When a budget revision is needed
  • What information is needed to submit a budget revision
  • Instructions on how to submit a budget revision
  • Information on who to contact for additional ASSIST questions
Slide 5

All before and after school programs funded by the CDE will have to submit an electronic budget using ASSIST. Subsequent revisions to your grant budget may be required for the following reasons:

  • If line item expenditures differ from budgeted amounts by greater than ten percent of your total grant award
  • If grant funding has been increased or decreased
Slide 6

The following information is required when submitting a budget revision.

  • Line item revision amount
  • Reason for the budget revision
Slide 7

Budget Revisions can be submitted online via the new ASSIST Web site.

Instructions to submit a budget revision are provided on the following slides.

Slide 8

The next 8 slides provide step-by-step instructions on how to submit a budget revision online via ASSIST.

Step 1 is to logon to ASSIST.

Enter your secure User Name and Password that was provided to your superintendent or authorized agent by the CDE.

Slide 9

Step 2 is to select the Grant ID of the grant you wish to submit a budget revision for.

Slide 10

Step 3 is to select the Budget tab in the middle of the screen. With this selection, you may view your official grant budget.

Slide 11

Step 4 is select the Add Budget Revision button to enter your revised budget information.

Slide 12

Step 5 is to enter your revised budget information in the Revisions column. Enter your reason for the budget revision in the Reason for Budget Revision text box. Please be aware of the following business rules when calculating your grant budget:

  • The formula for the indirect cost rate equals your approved county or district's approved indirect cost rate (or five percent, whichever is less) times the sum of line items 1000 through 5000. See Indirect Cost Rates for a list of department-approved rates for local educational agencies.
  • Your revised budget amount cannot exceed your grant award amount.
Slide 13

Step 6 is to select one of the following buttons located at the bottom of the Budget Revision screen:

  • The Calculate Total button will calculate and display on screen the revised budget amounts without saving information.
  • The Reset button will undo changes and reset the data to previously saved data.
  • The Save button will calculate, save, and submit the budget revision to CDE for review.
Slide 14

Step 7 is to select the Budget button to view your new budget.

Slide 15

The final step is to view your new budget for accuracy. If the Pending Budget Revision link is available, you can make additional revisions to your budget. If this link is not displayed, it means that CDE is reviewing your submitted budget revision. You may make additional revisions once the CDE has approved or denied your budget revision.

Slide 16

For questions about ASSIST, please contact your regional fiscal analyst or the After School Division by phone at 916-319-0923 or by email at

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Last Reviewed: Friday, September 13, 2019