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Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School

Picture of Anderson High School 2020 Green Ribbon Schools award selectee

Clark Magnet is the flagship school of the Career Technical Education (CTE) program in the Glendale Unified School District. The school strategically collaborates with local post-secondary institutions as well as feeder schools to create a focused articulation of skills. Clark Magnet teaches several “a through g” qualified environmental science research classes, taking students into the field to use state-of-the-art industry equipment. Student senior projects tackle a range of environmental topics, such as the study of jellyfish, the creation of a hydroponics system, and the development of an agricultural microclimate. Students take an active role in leading sustainable practices in their school and community. Following an analysis of the microclimate at Clark Magnet, students started a “living wall” of plants to reduce the heat island effect. The school’s Environmental Club led the establishment of a rose garden and planted California native plants on campus in the interest of attracting bees and other beneficial insects. Students organized a BioBlitz event for the district and the public at a local wilderness park. Within their community, students assisted in the development of the City of Glendale’s Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. Clark Magnet is committed to providing students with engaging learning experiences that allow them to find their place in the world while also having a direct positive impact.

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