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Eagle Rock Elementary School ED-GRS Selectee

This is a picture of Eagle Rock Elementary School which has been selected as one of the 2019 National Green Ribbon award selectees.

Eagle Rock Elementary School has embraced an innovative integrating framework known as the Environmental Manifesto. The goal of this framework is to link nearly all subjects and materials to a common theme: Mission to Mars. This framework focuses, in fact, on Earth first, with the belief that it is essential to provide an understanding about the interconnectedness of Earth’s water, energy, and life support systems, as well as technological systems. ERE has written environmental literacy requirements that address nine areas, including Earth’s systems, the environment, and human impact. The after-school green club extends many of the sustainability concepts learned in class to the school green grounds. On field trips, students can participate in the Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program and observe wildlife with binoculars, test a lake’s water quality, and learn about native plants. Students are also given opportunities to go to the Catalina Island Marine Institute where they participate in hands-on experiential science using state of the art labs and equipment, and engage in field activities.

Completed Application External link opens in new window or tab. (PDF) for Eagle Rock Elementary School.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 24, 2022