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Title 5 Regulations for Kindergarten Facilities

Division 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1

Article 4. Standards, Planning and Approval of School Facilities

§ 14030. Standards for Development of Plans for the Design and Construction of School Facilities.

The following standards for new schools are for the use of all school districts for the purposes of educational appropriateness and promotion of school safety:

  1. Specialized Classrooms and Areas.Specialized classrooms shall be designed to reflect the function planned for that portion of the educational program. If any of the following classrooms are needed, these standards apply:
    1. Kindergarten Classrooms.
      1. Kindergarten classroom size for permanent structures is not less than 1350 square feet, including restrooms, storage, teacher preparation, wet and dry areas.
      2. Kindergarten classrooms are designed to allow supervision of play yards (unless prevented by site shape or size) and all areas of the classroom.
      3. Play yard design provides a variety of activities for development of large motor skills.
      4. Classrooms are located close to parent drop-off and bus loading areas.
      5. Storage, casework, and learning stations are functionally designed for use in free play and structured activities; e.g., shelves are deep and open for frequent use of manipulative materials.
      6. Windows, marking boards, sinks, drinking fountains, and furniture are appropriate heights for kindergarten-age students.
      7. Restrooms are self-contained within the classroom or within the kindergarten complex.
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Last Reviewed: Thursday, July 13, 2023