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Guidance Protocol School Site Pipeline Risk

Volume 1 - User's Manual

Disclaimer and Table of Contents (DOC)
Introduction (DOC)
Risk Analysis Overview (DOC)
Consequences and Likelihood of Pipeline Failures (DOC)
Pipeline Risk Estimate Calculations (DOC)
The Pipeline Risk Analysis Report and General and Cited Protocol References (DOC)

Volume 2 - Background Technical Information and Appendices

Disclaimer, Table of Contents, Introduction, Basic Concepts of Pipeline Risk Analysis, Consequence Modeling, Pipeline Failure and Product Accidental Release Rates, Geologic Hazards and Pipeline Safety in California (DOC)
General and Cited Protocol References (DOC)
Appendicesv DOC)

Pipeline Risk Analysis Protocol Total Individual Risk (TIR) Estimating Aid (XLS)
To be used in conjunction with the California Department of Education's 2007 Guidance Protocol for School Site Pipeline Risk Analysis.

Areas of Attention (June 2012 to present)

Users of the 2007 "Guidance Protocol for School Site Pipeline Risk Analysis" (Protocol) have identified areas of the protocol which may need updating or other technical adjustments in order to improve the process. These areas of attention are provided only as additional information which may be helpful to those preparing and reviewing pipeline risk assessments based upon the 2007 Protocol.

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