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SAP Bulletin 6: Rtl2

Student Assistance Programs (SAPs) Bulletin 6 Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI2) is designed to support school administrators and personnel, non-profit organizations, and agencies who are involved with SAPs.

Student Assistance Programs: Helping to Close the Achievement Gap


What do we do when a student is not engaged in instruction or there are obvious barriers to learning? Most teachers try to intervene and assist the student. However, teachers may need help to determine just what kind of instruction and intervention is needed. Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI2), a "screening process" that helps teachers decide what kind of aid is most appropriate, starts instruction and intervention right in the classroom by using a logical structure to address students’ needs and allocate precious resources.

How a Student Assistance Program Can Help

The team collaboration in the Student Assistance Program (SAP) helps school personnel determine which instructional resources should be used first to implement the RtI2. SAPs provide a process for teachers to identify the source of a problem and take steps to resolve the problem within the classroom. SAPs allow school professionals to discuss when student interventions are needed based on a cycle of inquiry and data analysis. The early classroom instructions and interventions are then assessed regularly to see whether they are working. SAPs provide a structure for case management and feedback so teachers can continually collaborate with other professionals and respond to students’ needs.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, August 25, 2017