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CACFP Administrative Manual

A guide to the Child and Adult Care Food Program critical compliance standards for centers and day care home sponsors.

The CACFP Administrative Manual contains guidance on critical compliance areas of the CACFP for all agencies, including centers and DCH sponsors. Requirements outlined in this manual apply to all CACFP agencies, except where noted. It is highly recommended that agencies read the Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms section for a list of important acronyms and definitions.

The CDE will make revisions to the manual as program updates take place; however, agencies will be ultimately responsible for complying with all current federal regulations, USDA FNS Instructions, USDA policy memorandums, and CDE MBs.

This manual frequently refers users to numerous MBs, USDA policy memorandums, and USDA handbooks. These resources are located on the following Web pages:

Agencies approved for the CACFP can find the latest revisions of CACFP forms in the Download Forms section of the CNIPS.

If your agency has questions regarding the contents of this manual, please contact your CACFP program specialist. A list of program specialists by county can be found on the CDE CACFP Contact Web page.

Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms

Table of Contents

Section 1: Program Eligibility

1.1 Business Entity Type

1.2 Responsible Principals

1.3 Program Agreement Type

1.4 Licensing Requirements

1.5 Additional Facility Requirements

1.6 Performance Standards

Section 2: Participant/Provider Eligibility

2.1 Enrollment Requirements

2.2 Age and Residency Requirements of Participants

2.3 DCH Provider Eligibility and Recruitment

Section 3: Centers Reimbursement Determination

3.1 Child Care Centers Reimbursement Determination

3.2 At-risk Afterschool Center and Emergency Shelter Reimbursement Determinations

3.3 Adult Day Care Centers Reimbursement Determination

Section 4: DCH Reimbursement Determination

4.1 Steps for Determining Tiering Rate

4.2 Determining Area Eligibility

4.3 Meal Benefit Form (MBF) for Providers

4.4 Meal Benefit Form (MBF) for Parents (Tier II Homes)    

Section 5: Claims for Reimbursement

Section 5.1: Claims for Reimbursement

Section 6: Budgets

6.1 Centers Budgets

6.2 Centers Allowable Expenses

6.3 Centers Expenditure Tracking and Nonprofit Food Service Status

6.4 Day Care Home Financial Management

Section 7: Procurement

Section 7.1: Procurement

Section 8: Meal Pattern

Section 8.1: Meal Pattern

Section 9: Menu Planning
Section 10: Meal Service
Section 11: Civil Rights
Section 12: Training
Section 13: DCH and Center Sponsor Responsibilities

13.1 Recruitment New Providers/Sites

13.2 Monitoring Staff

13.3 5-day reconciliation

Section 14: Recordkeeping
Section 15: Serious Deficiency
Questions:   Nancy Charpentier | | 916-327-2991
Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 10, 2017
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