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Attendance at Nutrition Services Division Training

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin

To: All Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsors

Number: 01-205

Attention: Board Members, Executive Officers, Directors, Authorized Representatives

Date: March 2001

Subject: Attendance at Nutrition Services Division Training

Reference: United States Department of Agriculture, OIG Audit Report No. 27010-20-SF 7 CFR Part 226

This Management Bulletin describes a change to the sponsor training requirements of the California Department of Education (CDE), Nutrition Services Division (NSD). In California, Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors include child or adult day care centers, as well as sponsoring organizations of centers or homes. The CDE is mandating that independent CACFP sponsors' staff attend training and information sessions on essential elements of CACFP administration and operations. Failure to attend mandatory training could jeopardize a sponsor’s continued participation in the CACFP.

Audit and review findings have shown that CACFP sponsors that participate in NSD's training and information sessions have significantly fewer instances of program noncompliance and fiscal sanctions than those sponsors that do not participate. NSD must ensure that all sponsors are aware of the continually evolving federal/state rules and regulations and new state administrative requirements and procedures, as well as current record keeping procedures. Essential elements of CACFP participation include record keeping, fiscal reporting and claim preparation, allowable costs, and food service operations. Lack of training in these areas can jeopardize your success in administering the CACFP, as well as funding for food service, and your agency’s continued participation in federally-funded nutrition programs.

When announcing training and information activities, we will identify the staff positions that are required to attend and/or areas of responsibility that NSD will address in the sessions. It is important that staff who are responsible for essential elements of program administration and operations participate. If your staff are unable to participate, you must contact your Nutrition Services Representative immediately. We will make every effort to provide sufficient advance notice, make-up sessions, and alternative training opportunities throughout the year. However, you will be held responsible for implementation of information imparted in the sessions. Significant noncompliance with program requirements found during administrative reviews and/or audits that result in administrative and/or fiscal sanctions will jeopardize your continued participation in the CACFP.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, October 2, 2017
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