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Nutrition Education Online Training

Provides a free online training for professionals serving preschool through grade twelve youths in California. The training will provide users with knowledge, skills, and easy-to-apply program strategies and resources.


Before You Begin

  1. Select a training from the training list below. (Check back regularly for additional online trainings.)

  2. Review the training handouts, general references, and curricular resources. Have the training handouts available during the training for reference.

  3. Allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the training.

Getting Started

  1. Select Start the Training to begin. The online training will open in a new tab in the Web browser. Each training contains a YouTube video that is available with closed captioning.

  2. Complete the training registration.

  3. Follow the training instructions.

Upon Completion

  1. End your session, repeat the training, or take the quiz.

  2. Take the short quiz at the end of the training. Users that take the quiz will have access to a printable training certificate. Users that choose not to take the quiz will not have access to the certificate.

  3. Print the training certificate to document professional development.

  4. Optional: Contact the Education and Nutrition Policy Unit, Nutrition Services Division, by e-mail at to request a printable PDF of the training slides and narration script.


Nutrition Education

Foundations of Nutrition: MyPlate

In this interactive training, participants will learn about the MyPlate recommendations for a healthier lifestyle and how to apply them to everyday choices. Resources to transfer the concepts and key messages to students through classroom events and activities are also included. Finally, participants reflect on the MyPlate communication message calendar and identify classroom and afterschool activities to support key messages.

Start the Foundations of Nutrition: MyPlate Training External link opens in new window or tab.

General Resources for Foundations of Nutrition: MyPlate Training

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans External link opens in new window or tab.: Review the Executive Summary, the five overarching Guidelines, and supporting Key Recommendations.

California Project LEAN External link opens in new window or tab.: Provides free online curricula and interactive resources for high school health activities.

Choose MyPlate External link opens in new window or tab.: Use the official Web site of the MyPlate Food Guidance System to access a wealth of information and tools for personalizing your MyPlate plan.

National Agricultural Library External link opens in new window or tab.: United States Department of Agriculture: Provides a federal portal to online Web sites and tools related to nutrition and health.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health External link opens in new window or tab.: This article outlines how our environment, including families, schools, worksites, and neighborhoods can influence our food choices and health.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans External link opens in new window or tab.: Learn more about the federal government’s 2008 physical activity guidelines for Americans.

Team Nutrition External link opens in new window or tab.: Check for updated classroom nutrition education or school food services resources. Get free materials for teaching about MyPlate, ideas for Local School Wellness Policies, and join the Healthier US School Challenge.

Curricular Resources for Foundations of Nutrition: MyPlate Training

Cooking with Kids Series External link opens in new window or tab.: This three-level multicultural food and cooking education program includes a curriculum, video, student workbook, and book of recipes in Spanish and English in grade level sets kindergarten to grade one, grade two to grade three, and grade four to grade six. Each curriculum includes nine lessons, an overview of the three program components, tasting classes, cooking classes, and incorporation in cafeteria meals. Background information, equipment, and children’s book lists, sanitation, kitchen and knife safety tips, parent invitations, and letters to classroom volunteers are provided. Cooking with Kids, Inc., 2017.

Dairy Council of California Classroom Programs External link opens in new window or tab.: This K-12 nutrition curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards and can easily integrate into units on math, social science, health, English language arts, and physical education. Each grade level has a specific curriculum with six to ten nutrition lessons. The lessons were created using a behavior-change model that encourages healthy-eating behaviors and attitudes in students. Students can practice lifelong health skills like decision making, analyzing influences, and setting goals. Dairy Council of California, 2017.

Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum External link opens in new window or tab.: These classroom lessons help teachers integrate nutrition education into math, science, English language arts, and health. This curriculum introduces the importance of eating from all five food groups using MyPlate. Students also learn the importance of physical activity to staying healthy. Each Teacher's Guide has three inquiry-driven lessons to teach nutrition, check students' understandings, and provide opportunities for students to reflect upon their learning. Songs, posters, and parent materials in English and Spanish are included. United States Department of Agriculture, 2013.

Nutrition Education Resource Guide: This guide provides an instructional resource for California schools, from kindergarten through grade twelve, to implement effective, standards-based nutrition education programs for students. The guide was designed to (1) meet the Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (California Department of Education 2008) in the Nutrition and Physical Activity content areas; and (2) address the nutrition competencies. Educators may use it as a resource to plan, implement, and evaluate instructional strategies for a comprehensive nutrition education program. California Department of Education, 2017.

Questions:   Education and Nutrition Policy Unit | | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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