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SNP Schedule for Procurement Reviews 2018–19

A list of School Nutrition Program operators scheduled for a Procurement Review in the 2018–19 school year.

SNP Operators Scheduled for a Procurement Review in the 2018–19 School Year

The first column includes the operator Child Nutrition Information and Payment System identification number (CNIPS ID) for reference purposes. The ID number is used to access the CNIPS at the CNIPS Log On Web page External link opens in new window or tab..

2710 San Jose Unified School District
2708 Palo Alto Unified School District
3084 Pleasant Valley School District
1708 KIPP LA Schools
2595 Jefferson Elementary School District
2887 Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District
2671 Cambrian School District
2871 Rincon Valley Union Elementary School District
4205 Birmingham Community Charter High School
1740 Palisades Charter High School
1681 La Canada Unified School District
2715 Saratoga Union Elementary School District
1963 Gustine Unified School District
1129 John Swett Unified School District
6212 Oxford Preparatory Academy
3220 Equitas Academy Charter School
1172 Pollock Pines Elementary School District
4291 Teach Incorporated
1731 Los Angeles Academy of Arts
1738 Discovery Charter Prep School 2
6290 Puente Learning Center
3072 Casa Pacifica
1611 Fleming Barnes Incorporated
1913 Redwood Community Services Incorporated
4219 Star View Children and Family Services
1582 Rosemary Childrens Services
1052 Fred Finch Youth Center
2313 Berhe Group Home
2663 Unity Care Group Incorporated
1610 Bourne Incorporated
2746 Open Line Group Home
2314 Starshine Treatment Center
4191 Community Access Network
2325 Diakonia Incorporated
2667 EE S Residential Group Home Incorporated
2153 Ferrees Group Home Incorporated
1372 Kern Bridges Youth Home Incorporated
1623 Murrells Farm and Boys Home Incorporated
2341 Philos Adolescent Treatment
1373 The Art of Tru Light Incorporated
3169 The Dream Catcher Foundation Incorporated
1019 The Refuge Incorporated
2329 Fields Comprehensive Youth
1558 Fred Jefferson Memorial Home For Boys
2172 Guiding Light Home for Boys
1111 JR's North Star
1572 Luvlee's Residential Care Incorporated
1211 New Passages Incorporated
1870 Serenity Group Home Incorporated
2661 St Andrew Residential Programs for Youth (STAR HOUSE)
2989 Success In Recovery Incorporated
2338 Tender Loving Care
1586 Casa Editha Foundation Incorporated
2344 Future Stars Youth Services
2515 Nalls Foundation Incorporated
2167 Right At Home Incorporated
3133 Pacific View Charter School
2533 Valley Oak Residential
1739 Granada Hills Charter High School
3130 Rocketship Education
1748 Vaughn Next Century
1242 Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District
5736 Rex and Margaret Fortune School of Education
5869 Albert Einstein Academy for Letters, Arts Sciences (AEALAS)
3142 Aveson
4280 Guajome Park Academy Incorporated
3204 Larchmont Charter School
1746 Pacoima Charter School
1713 New Designs Charter School
4178 Real Journey Academies Incorporated
1504 Today's Fresh Start Incorporated
5650 Volunteers of America
3223 Alta Public Schools
2875 Roseland Charter School
3171 Inland Leaders Charter School
5972 Ed Broker's Educational Services
5312 Stockton Collegiate International Schools
5633 TEAM Charter (Transformational Education Incorporated)
5515 Westside Innovative School House Incorporated
1752 Watts Learning Center
5637 Immaculate Conception Academy
5628 City Charter School
3250 Endeavor College Preparatory Charter School
1864 Lifeline Education Charter
2307 Trinity Youth Services
3217 Ridgecrest Charter School
1734 Los Feliz Charter for the Arts
3154 New Los Angeles Charter School
5918 Imagine Schools Riverside County
6273 Epiphany Prep School of San Diego
1727 Our Community School
5621 Urban Montessori Charter
1907 Willow Creek Academy
1724 James Jordan Middle School
5368 Children of Promise Preparatory Academy
2269 Cristo Rey High School
1737 Center for Advanced Learning
1849 Optimal Child Development Center
4172 Big Picture Charter
1736 Global Education Academy
1246 St LaSalle School
3252 Arise High School
2709 St. Elizabeth Seton School
2619 All Souls Church School
2410 New Alternatives
5686 Our Lady of the Visitacion School
2041 Florence Crittenton Services of Orange County Incorporated
4194 Achieve Charter School of Paradise
5862 Howard Gardner Community School
1061 Seneca Resident Day Treatment Center
5652 Pasadena Rosebud Academy Charter School
3135 North County Trade Tech High School
2280 Childrens Receivng Home
5653 Pacific Baptist Church
6289 Growth Public Schools
1792 Ashanti United Church of Christ
1534 Rancho San Antonio
3191 Sacred Heart Nativity School
1514 Penny Lane
2932 East Valley Education Center
2773 Monarch Learning Center Charter
2233 Paradise Oaks Youth Services
2915 Small World Christian School
2137 Gateway Residential Programs
2561 Stockton Baptist School
5472 America's Finest Charter  School
6286 Unity Schools SoCal
2408 New Haven Youth and Family Services
1574 Phoenix Houses of Los Angeles
1510 Childrens Homes of Southern California
1555 Hope House Multi Handicap Incorporated
2901 Elite Family Systems Incorporated
2185 Fathers Heart Ranch
6291 Edge Community Church of Suisun
1542 Ettie Lee Homes Incorporated
1192 2nd Home Incorporated
5326 Oakes Children's Center
1378 New Start Youth Facility Incorporated
1937 Rainbow Valley Group Home Incorporated
2243 OBID Foundation Incorporated
2462 San Diego Unified School District
1695 Long Beach Unified School District
2249 Elk Grove Unified School District
2101 Santa Ana Unified School District
2483 Sweetwater Union High School District
2211 Riverside Unified School District
2263 Sacramento City Unified School District
2081 Garden Grove Unified School District
2559 Stockton Unified School District
1639 Bellflower Unified School District
3039 Visalia Unified School District
1150 San Ramon Valley Unified School District
2914 Modesto City Elementary School District
2196 Desert Sands Unified School District
1143 West Contra Costa Unified School District
1268 Central Unified School District
2113 Tustin Unified School District
2391 Hesperia Unified School District
2679 East Side Union High School District
2205 Palm Springs Unified School District
1436 Norris Elementary School District
1641 Beverly Hills Unified School District
1033 Albany City Unified School District
1449 Vineland Elementary School District
3076 Fillmore Unified School District
2930 Riverbank Unified School District
1153 Del Norte County Unified School District
1173 Rescue Union Elementary School District
1450 Wasco Union Elementary School District
1272 Mendota Unified School District
1151 Walnut Creek Elementary School District
1456 McFarland Unified School District
1452 Wasco Union High School District
1465 Corcoran Joint Unified School District
1666 El Segundo Unified School District
2370 Needles Unified School District
1461 Armona Union Elementary School District
3028 Terra Bella Union Elementary School District
1874 Bass Lake Joint Union Elementary School District
1970 Modoc Joint Unified School District
1951 McSwain Union Elementary School District
2756 Columbia Elementary School District
6177 Upper Lake Unified School District
1494 Lassen Union High School District
1097 Mark Twain Union Elementary School District
2947 Sutter Union High School District
1958 Planada Elementary School District
3240 Hamilton Unified School District
3126 Trinity Alps Unified School District
1095 Bret Harte Union High School District
1496 Richmond Elementary School District
1321 Scotia Union Elementary School District
3000 Ducor Union Elementary School District
1942 El Nido Elementary School District
1497 Shaffer Union Elementary School District
1248 Monroe Elementary School District
1352 Big Pine Unified School District
2948 Winship-Robbins School District
1304 Fieldbrook Elementary School District
1358 Round Valley Joint Elementary School District
1302 Cuddeback Union Elementary School District
2730 Pacific Elementary School District
2847 Alexander Valley Union Elementary School District
2799 Happy Camp Union Elementary School District
1896 Bolinas-Stinson Union School District


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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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