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Grant Appeal Procedures

Applicants that wish to appeal a grant award decision must submit a letter of appeal to the California Department of Education (CDE), Nutrition Services Division (NSD). Appeals are limited to the grounds that the NSD failed to correctly apply the criteria for reviewing the application as specified in the request for applications.

Once applicants are notified that the grant awards are posted, your agency will have 10 calendar days to contact the NSD to request information regarding the reason for your grant denial. The NSD will have 10 calendar days to provide a written response (through email, or certified mail). If after receiving the NSD’s written response your agency wishes to file an appeal, your agency must send a completed appeal request form to:

Kim Frinzell, Director
Nutrition Services Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4503
Sacramento, CA 95814

  • The completed appeal request must be postmarked no later than 15 calendar days after receipt of the NSD’s initial written response detailing the reason for denying grant funding. Once submitted, the NSD shall acknowledge the receipt of the appeal request within 10 calendar days. All appeals will be based on written record alone.
  • Written documentation for all appeals must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the receipt date of the NSD’s initial written response detailing the reason for denying grant funding. All documentation must be sent to the address identified above.
  • The NSD Director or designee will review the appeal documentation from the applicant and the NSD. The applicant will be notified in writing of the NSD’s determination within 60 calendar days from the date the CDE received the appeal request.
  • The NSD’s initial determination denying grant funding shall remain in effect during the appeal process.
Contact Information

For questions regarding a grant, please contact the School Nutrition Program Unit at one of the email addresses listed below:

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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