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School-Parent Compact for Achievement Sample

Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the sample planning tool of the School-Parent Compact for Achievement.

Download or view the PDF version of the School-Parent Compact for Achievement Sample (PDF)

* Numbers correspond to sections in the School-Parent Compact Guide to Quality. Note: Adapted by the Title I Policy and Program Guidance Office, California Department of Education, with permission from the Connecticut State Department of Education. 2016. Dust Off Your Old School-Parent Compact: Ten Steps to Success for Developing Title I Family-School Compact [] External link opens in new window or tab.

Panel 1

Cover Page


4th Grade Focus for Student Success

Panel 2

Section 1A*

Our Goals for Student Achievement

District Goals

By June 2020, all students will be at grade level or higher in both math and reading.

We will get there by:

  • Increasing each student’s fluency and understanding in reading across all grade levels by 15% over 3 years.
  • Increasing each student’s competency in math computation, word problems, and number operations by 15% over 3 years.
School Goals

By 2015, our students will make a 20% gain in math and reading; 75% of students will be at grade level in reading and 80% at grade level in math.

Our focus in reading will be:

  • Beginning sounds and sight words in grades K-1
  • Vocabulary development in grades K-4
  • Making text connections in grades 5-6

Our focus in math will be:

  • Vocabulary development in grades K-4

When teachers, students, and families work together, we CAN achieve our goals!

Across Panels 3 and 4

Teachers, Parents, and Students – Together for Success

Panel 3

Section 1B*

Our school provides high quality curriculum and instruction in supportive and effective classroom environments to enable students to meet the challenging State academic standards. We support our students and work hard to provide a welcoming, safe school environment.

Section 1B*

In Our 4th Grade Classroom

The 4th grade team will work with students and their families to support students’ success in meeting or exceeding the Common Core State Standards in reading and math. Some of our key ways to do this will be:

  • Develop a weekly goals folder with students and send home materials to help parents support the learning goals.
  • Use a “word wall” and storytelling to incorporate new words. Send new words to families each week with information about how to build a home word wall and develop their own stories.
  • Design a fun family literacy night to share classroom strategies with families about how to help students connect personal experiences to the story.
  • Involve students in hands-on estimation and measurement activities in class.
  • Connect students with after-school activities that support their learning.

Panel 4

Section 2*

At Home

Nutmeg School parents joined staff to develop these ideas about how families can support students’ success in reading and math:

  • Use the weekly folder to discuss my child’s reading and math learning goals, and use the teacher’s materials to support my child’s learning at home.
  • Post new words on our “word wall” and remember to use them in conversations and stories. Add our own new words.
  • Read with my child every day and talk about how the story connects with things that he or she has experienced. Attend the family fun literacy night to practice new ways to support my child as a reader.
  • Have contests to see who has the best guess for measurements or numbers of things at home, like how many beans in a jar, or the length of a table.

Across Panels 3 and 4

Section 3*


Nutmeg School students joined staff and parents to develop ideas about how they can succeed in school and reach for the stars in math and reading. Students thought of the following ideas to make connections between learning at home and school:

  • Set goals for myself to learn new words and read every day.
  • Think of new words to put on our family “word wall.” Share ideas with my friends.
  • Make up stories to tell my family using new words.
  • Help make the grocery list and estimate how much the food will cost.


  • My own personal learning goal is: (writing space)
  • My teacher can help me reach it by: (writing space)
  • My family and friends can help me accomplish it by: (writing space)

Family Fun Learning Adventures are a great place to learn new words, practice math – and win prizes!
(See the back of this brochure for more information)

Panel 5
What is a School-Parent Compact?

A School-Parent Compact for Achievement is an agreement that parents, students and teachers develop together. It explains how parents and teachers will work together to make sure all our students reach or exceed grade-level standards.

Effective compacts:

  • Link to goals of the school improvement plan
  • Focus on student learning skills
  • Describe how teachers will help students develop those skills using high-quality curriculum and instruction
  • Share strategies parents can use at home
  • Explain how teachers and parents will communicate about student progress
  • Describe opportunities for parents to volunteer, observe, and participate in the classroom

Section 5*

Jointly Developed

The parents, students, and staff of Nutmeg Elementary School meet yearly to discuss student learning needs based on current grade-level data. Our School-Parent Compact for Achievement is revised based on these discussions. Teachers suggest home learning strategies, parents add ideas to make them more specific, and students identify ways to support their learning goals.

Parents are welcome to contribute comments at any time.

Section 4*

Building Partnerships

If you would like to volunteer, participate and/or observe in a classroom, please contact Patti Muñoz at or 860-555-1212, Ext. 12, or go to our school Web site and click on the “Parent” button.

Panel 6

Section 4*

Building Partnerships

3rd Thursdays
Family Fun Learning Adventures!

Join Us for Our “Go for the Gold” Night
3rd Thursday of September, 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

  • Help your child to become a “Goal” Medalist! You and your fourth grader will learn how to set two to three student learning goals and learn ways to achieve them.
  • Enjoy “Game Time” with your child, exploring free home learning kits designed to support your child’s “Olympic-sized” learning goal. Gold medals and snacks provided!

Join us for a “Literacy Safari”
3rd Thursday of October

Safari gear & refreshments provided.

3rd Thursdays in January, March, and May
Detailed information will be sent home.

Section 6*

Communication about Student Learning

Nutmeg Elementary School is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about children’s learning. Some of the ways parents and teachers communicate all year are:

  • Weekly homework folders
  • Monthly “check-in” notes or phone calls
  • Updates on the school Web site and current grades in PowerSchool
  • Class meetings on understanding student progress
  • Parent-teacher conferences in November and March
  • Classroom visits

Do you have questions about your child’s progress? Contact your child’s teacher by phone at 860-555-1212 or e-mail. E-mail addresses are on the school Web site.

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