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October 2, 2017


Dear District Superintendents:

The next phase of California’s work to transform public education begins later this fall when we officially roll out California’s new accountability system through the California School Dashboard, which will be updated with more current data and design changes based on field test feedback. You and your schools will have an opportunity to preview the Dashboard before its public launch. Please stay tuned for important notifications in coming weeks.

The Dashboard is a powerful tool to help districts identify strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint student groups that may be struggling in one or more state measures— critical data for use in developing your Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). The Dashboard will also identify districts qualifying for differentiated assistance under the new statewide system of support.

With this system of support, California is taking a new approach.  Rather than top-down, transactional exchanges between districts and support providers, the new system expects support providers to work collaboratively with districts to identify key challenges and opportunities. And rather than packaged interventions, the new system favors teams of local educators engaging with their communities to tailor approaches to specific needs. Our county offices of education will take a lead role in supporting this work.

To create change that is supported at the grassroots level, stakeholders must be authentically engaged and transparency must be a top priority. Ensuring that each student has the support they need to succeed is a collective responsibility we all share. As such, we urge you to redouble your efforts to increase awareness and use of the Dashboard, the LCAP, and any improvement plans within your district this fall.

Toolkits designed to help you use and communicate the Dashboard and LCAP template to your community—and many other resources—can be found at the CDE California Accountability Model and School Dashboard Web site at We will be adding to these resources throughout the fall.

California’s educational system has come a long way since the days of categorical funding, compliance mandates, over-reliance on test scores and “sanction and punish” accountability. But to sustain our progress in changing mindsets, we must ensure that parents, students, and educators at every school and district are well-informed on our multiple-measures data system, their role in the LCAP cycle, and the resources available to address disparities.

We are especially thankful to our district leaders for your work in making California’s transition to new standards, new assessments, a new funding system, and a new accountability system successful and sustainable. These are major shifts and our progress would not be possible without the hard work, dedication, and patience of you and your staff.

We look forward to a great school year working with you.


State Superintendent of Public Instruction
California Department of Education

California State Board of Education


Last Reviewed: Monday, October 2, 2017

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