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2020 Examination Schedule

CA Department of Education Examination Schedule for 2020.
Class Title Quarter
Chief of Plant Operations I Jan/Feb/Mar
Security Guard Jan/Feb/Mar
Supervising Counselor, CSB Jan/Feb/Mar
Supervising Transportation Programs Consultant Jan/Feb/Mar
Supervisor of Residence Programs, CSB Jan/Feb/Mar
Translator (Spanish) Jan/Feb/Mar
Director of Dietetics Apr/May/Jun
Maintenance Mechanic Apr/May/Jun
Stationary Engineer Apr/May/Jun
Business Manager II Jul/Aug/Sep
Chief Engineer Jul/Aug/Sep
Associate Editor of Publications Oct/Nov/Dec
Officer Services Supervisor II Oct/Nov/Dec
Questions:   Examinations & Recruitment Office | | 916-319-0857
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 8, 2020
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