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Coordinated Student Support Division

Provides technical assistance as well as instructional and intervention strategies throughout California that aid all students to obtain the physical, social, emotional, and educational support they need to be healthy, learn, and succeed.

Gordon Jackson, Director

Phone: 916-319-0911
Fax: 916-322-4884

The Coordinated Student Support Division is part of the Office of the State Superintendent.

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American Indian
Program information for local educational agencies, Indian tribes and organizations, and other entities about meeting the unique academic, cultural, and linguistic needs of American Indian students.

Attendance Improvement
Involves three elements to reinforce regular school attendance: prevention, early identification, and intervention.

Counseling/Student Support
Provides resources, funds, strategies, and training in school counseling and psychological and social services to support schools in planning, implementing, and monitoring comprehensive student support programs.

Educational Options
School and program alternatives that provide students with the environment, curriculum, and support systems needed to ensure that they achieve their full academic potential.

Foster Youth Services
Grant programs for each county office of education and selected school districts to increase interagency support for foster youth.

Information and resources to improve student health, school environment, health education and prevention.

Healthy Start
State-funded school-community collaborative grants for integrating services to meet desired results and to support academic success for children, youths and families.

Safe Schools
Provides training, resources and technical assistance to establish a school/community environment which is physically and emotionally safe, well disciplined, and conducive to learning.

Youth Development
Activities and strategies that involve youths in decision making, use youths as resources to implement programs, and build youth assets and strengths that result in improved academic performance and lower-risk behaviors.

Questions:   Coordinated Student Support Division | 916-319-0911
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 28, 2018