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Approved Form 400 for Rulemaking File 2021-0810-02

Rulemaking File Number 2021-0810-02C submitted to the Office of Administrative Law on August 10, 2021.

This page includes the field entries from the approved Std. Form 400 for the above-mentioned Rulemaking File.

Notice Publication/Regulations Submission

STD. 400 (Rev. [10/2019])

OAL File Numbers

  • Notice File Number: 2020-1230-01
  • Regulatory Action Number: 2021-0810-02C
  • Agency with Rulemaking Authority: State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Form Section B. Submission of Regulations (Complete when submitting regulations)

  • Form Field 1a. Subject of Regulation(s): Foster Youth Local Complaint Time Line
  • Form Field 1b. All Previously Related OAL Regulatory Action Number(s): 2021-0112-03E
  • Form Field 2. Specify California Code of Regulations Title(s) and Section(s) (Including title 26, if toxics related)

    Section(s) Affected (List all section number(s) individually. Attach additional sheet if needed.)

    • Title(s): 5
    • Adopt: 4630.5
  • Form Field 3. Type of Filing

Selected: Certificate of Compliance. The agency officer named below certifies that this agency complied with the provisions Gov. Code §§11346.2-11347.3 either before the emergency regulation was adopted or within the time period required by statute.

  • Form Field 4. All Beginning and Ending Dates of Availability of Modified Regulations and/or Material Added to the Rulemaking File (Cal. Code Regs, Title 1, 44, and Gov. Code §11347.1): June 8-23, 2021
  • Form Field 5. Effective Date of Changes (Gov. Code, §§1343.4; 11346. 1(d); Cal. Code Regs, Title I, 100)

Selected: Effective on filing with Secretary of State

  • Form Field 6. Check if These Regulations Require Notice to or Review, Consultation, Approval, or Concurrence By, Another Agency or Entity:

Selected: Department of Finance (STD. 399) (SAM §6600)

  • Form Field 7.
    • Contact Person: Lorie Adame
    • Telephone Number: 916-647-2171
    • Fax Number: 916-322-2549
    • E-mail Address (optional):
  • Form Field 8. I certify that the attached copy of the attached copy of the regulation(s) is a true and correct copy of the regulation(s) identified on this form, that the information specified on this form is true and correct, and that, I am the head of the agency taking this action, or a designee of the head of the agency, and am authorized to make this certification.
    • Signature of Agency Head or Designee: Amy Bisson Holloway, Assistant General Counsel,signature,   Dated August 10, 2021
    • Typed Name and Title of Signatory: Amy Bisson Holloway, Assistant General Counsel

This form has been endorsed and approved by the Office of Administrative Law on September 22, 2021 (stamped)

This form has been endorsed and filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of California on September 22, 2021 (stamped)

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Last Reviewed: Friday, October 1, 2021
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