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AAV of Rulemaking File 2019-1113-01 S

Approved Form STD. 400, Rulemaking File submitted to the Office of Administrative Law on November 13, 2019 - File number 20169-1113-01S

Approved Form STD. 400, Rulemaking File submitted to the Office of Administrative Law on November 13, 2019 - File number 2019-1113-01S field entries from the Regional Parent Advisory (RPAC) Web page.

Notice Publication/Regulations Submission

STD. 400 (Revision 01-2013)

OAL File Numbers

  • Notice File Number: Z-2018-1116-01
  • Regulatory Action Number: 2019-1113-01S
  • Agency with Rulemaking Authority: State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Form Section A. Public of Notice (Complete for publication in Notice Register)

  • Form Field OAL Use Only
    • Notice Register Number: 2018, 48-Z
    • Publication Date: 11/30/2018

Form Section B. Submission of Regulations (Complete when submitting regulations)

  • Form Field 1a. Subject of Regulation(s): Regional Parents Advisory Council
  • Form Field 2. Specify California Code of Regulations Title(s) and Section(s) (Including title 26, if toxics related)
    • Section(s) Affected (List all section number(s) individually. Attach additional sheet if needed.)
      • Title(s): 5
      • Adopt:  12010, 12011, 12012, 12013, 12014, 12015, 12016, 12017, 12018, 12019, 12020, 12021, 12022
  • Form Field 3. Type of Filing
    • Selected. Regular Rulemaking (Gov. Code 11346)
  • Form Field 4. All Beginning and Ending Dates of Availability of Modified Regulations and/or Material Added to the Rulemaking File (Cal. Code Regs, Title 1, 44, and Gov. Code 11347.1): July 22, 2019-August 6, 2019; September 24, 2019-October 8, 2019
  • Form Field 5. Effective Date of Changes (Gov. Code 11343.4; Cal. Code Regs, Title I, 100)
    • Selected. Effective January 1, April 1, July 1, or October 1, (Gov. Code 11343.4a)
  • Form Field 6. Check if These Regulations Require Notice to or Review, Consultation, Approval, or Concurrence By, Another Agency or Entity
    • Selected. Department of Finance (Form STD. 399) (SAM § 6660)
  • Form Field 7.
    • Contact Person: Hillary Wirick
    • Telephone Number: 916-319-0644
    • Fax Number: 916-319-0155
    • E-mail Address (optional):
  • Form Field 8. I certify that the attached copy of the attached copy of the regulation(s) is a true and correct copy of the regulation(s) identified on this form, that the information specified on this form is true and correct, and that, I am the head of the agency taking this action, or a designee of the head of the agency, and am authorized to make this certification.
    • Signature of Agency Head or Designee: Keith Yamanaka (signature), Dated 11/13/2019
    • Typed Name and Title of Signatory: Keith Yamanaka, General Counsel

This form has been endorsed and approved by the Office of Administrative Law on December 24, 2019 (stamped)

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 8, 2020
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