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Attachment for Waivers

Certain waivers have required attachments that must be submitted with the waiver request.

Some waivers have attachments that MUST be added to the online waiver application.

60119 Audit Finding

Following is a list of required attachments:

  • Copy of audit finding.
  • Response to audit finding.
  • Copy of your board resolution for the audited year, if any.
  • Copy of this year’s resolution and proof of public hearing with posted date and location to prove a "legally compliant hearing" has been held.
  • Completed List of Instructional Material FAQ
  • Local educational agencies must resolve their EC 60119 findings through their county offices of education.

Algebra 1

To meet the requirements of the algebra 1 waiver, students must be on a regular high school diploma track and meet all the high school diploma course requirements stipulated by the governing board of the local educational agency, except for algebra I (or its equivalent).

All students may be included on the same waiver request when requesting a waiver of multiple students. List students to be included on the waiver without overtly identifying them (use an identifying number instead), and for each student, provide all of the information below:

  • For each student included in the waiver request, attach a valid, current IEP. Highlight the areas of mathematics deficiencies and how the student's needs in mathematics were addressed.
  • Copy of the transcript for each student.
  • Highlight any current and previous attempts at algebra and pre-algebra classes on the transcript.
  • Highlight which assessment the district has used at the high school level for the student: California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).

Educational Interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pupils

Submit a separate waiver for each interpreter and provide the following information:

  • Name, date and score of most recent (within 12 months)* interpreter assessment (EIPA, ESSE, or NAD/ACCI);
  • Copy of the latest Test Certification page;
  • Name, dates and scores of previous assessments;
  • Date of hire;
  • A Remediation Plan, specific to that interpreter, including the LEA’s plans help the interpreter to achieve certification in the next year, including training/mentoring by a RID certified interpreter. The plan must include a statement that the interpreter understands (s)he might not be able to stay in their job if certification is not met, or a waiver granted. This document must be signed by the interpreter and the union representative as well as someone from the administration.

Waiver Policy for Educational Interpreters

General Waivers

For all General Waivers please provide the following with your waiver request:

  • Documentation of evidence for the advisory council regarding the waiver request.
  • Documentation of bargaining unit participation in the development of the waiver.
  • Documentation evidencing the public hearing of the governing board approving the waiver request.

Instructional Time Penalty for Districts and County Office of Education

Following is a list of additional documentation to be attached with the waiver request:

  • Copy of the audit finding and local educational agency response.
  • At least two years worth of proposed bell schedule(s) and school calendar(s) for the required make-up of time, showing all full and partial instructional days, student free days, etc.
  • Summary of instructional minute totals, daily and annually, including the state minimum by grade(s) and the 1982-83 requirements for the district/school for the two years of waiver make-up.

Instructional Time Penalty for Charter Schools

Following is a list of additional documentation to be attached with the waiver request:

  • Copy of the final audit finding showing penalty amount and shortage information, and your response to the audit finding;
  • Planned make-up;
  • Two years worth of calendars (showing minimum and regular days, holidays, non-student time etc.) with bell schedules with minutes for indicated;
  • Summaries of minutes, days so Department staff can be able to verify all of your proposed make-up time.


  • Why shortage occurred (what was not done or done by the school for what grade levels of students);
  • Number of minutes or days short for what grade levels of students;
  • How many grade levels you serve (to be able to follow affected students for two years).

Instructional Time Information

Physical Education Program – Block Schedule

When submitting a Physical Education Program – Block Schedule general waiver request, please read the Waiver Policy to review the Physical Education Requirement for Block Schedules.

Physical Education Block Schedule Information

Resource Specialist

When requesting a specific waiver request for Resource Specialist Caseload the following should be included:

These documents are to be completed by the Resource Specialist (PDF) and Administrator (PDF) attached to the online waiver request.

Please provide bargaining unit information with this waiver request. Name of bargaining unit, date consulted, position on waiver: neutral, support, or oppose. If they oppose, please specify why.

Sale or Lease of Surplus Property

Attach any resolutions which the governing board has adopted regarding the sale or lease of this property including minimum price or rental and the terms on which it will be sold or leased and the date and time at which sealed proposals or oral bids were to have been received and considered. If no resolutions were adopted, provide information in the “Outcome Rationale” section of the General Waiver submittal regarding the factors considered by the governing board for not utilizing the bid process as defined in the California Education Code.

Special Education NPS/NPA

Additional documentation is required when submitting a Special Education NPS/NPA Child Specific waiver request. Please contact John Burch with the Focused Monitoring and Technical Assistance Unit V for information about the required documentation at

Summer School Meal

Summer meal waivers must be received by the CDE Waiver Office no later than 60 days prior to the last regular meeting of the State Board of Education (SBE) and before the commencement of the summer school session for which the waiver is sought.

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