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Waiver of Equity Length of Time

The following is information regarding equity length of time waivers.

Effective January 1, 2005, California Education Code (EC) Section 37202 was revised to allow school districts to offer extended day kindergarten programs at some but not all of the schools in the district without a general waiver of EC 37202. School districts offering extended day kindergarten must have their school boards adopt the Early Primary Program prescribed in EC sections 8970-8974 for implementation as EC 46111 (the four hour per day limit for kindergarteners) still exists in the EC. The law was revised as follows:

37202 (a) Except if a school has been closed by order of a city or a county board of health, or of the State Board of Health, on account of contagious disease, or if the school has been closed on account of fire, flood, or other public disaster, the governing board of a school district shall maintain all of the elementary day schools established by it for an equal length of time during the school year and all of the day high schools established by it for an equal length of time during the school year.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, April 13, 2017
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