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Annual Report on Average Daily Attendance

Online submission form for Adult Education Average Daily Attendance (a.d.a.), Enrollment, and Enrollees.

Annual Report of Adult Education Average Daily Attendance, Enrollment, and Enrollees (J-18/19-A)

All adult education schools are encouraged to report average daily attendance (a.d.a.), enrollment, and enrollee information annually by electronically submitting information to the California Department of Education's secure J-18/19 Addendum database. The system requires an authorized username and password to add, delete, and submit information. The database tracks enrollment and a.d.a. figures by agency in ten authorized program areas. The system also tracks data by agency with regard to innovative programs, high school diploma, and non – a.d.a. fee-based enrollments. It provides information on concurrently enrolled high school students and those in apprentice classes.

The database allows interested parties the opportunity to search by county, region, or agency and determine a.d.a. and enrollment information for adult education programs throughout the state.

Annual Report of Adult Education Average Daily Attendance (J-18/19-A) External link opens in new window or tab. (authorized ID and password required)

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