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May 2012 Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2012 meeting minutes for the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee

May 24, 2012, Meeting Minutes

Summary of Conference Call


Committee Members: Laura Lee George (Chair), André Cramblit (Parliamentarian), Amber Machamer (Vice Chair), Irma Amaro, Deborah DeForge,

Absent: Helen Doherty (excused), Rodney Lindsay (excused), Kathleen Marshall (excused), Rachel McBride (excused), Russell “Butch” Murphy (excused)

California Department of Education (CDE) Staff Present: Judy Delgado, Chavela Delp, Andrew Laufer

Guests: Krystal Portillo, Shane Noel

Laura Lee George—Calls meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.
  • No quorum—Information only
Item 1―Legislative Bill Update, Presented by Judy Delgado, CDE
  • Assembly Bill (AB) 18 (Brownley) Education Finance: California Task Force on School Finance―This bill is currently in the Senate Education Committee.
  • AB 1521 (Brownley) Standardized Testing and Reporting Program: Academic Achievement: Assessment Instrument―This bill is currently in the Senate Education Committee.
  • AB 2001 (Bonilla) Pupil Assessment―This bill is currently in the Appropriations Suspense File.
  • AB 2116 (Lara) Academic Content Standards Implementation: Study―This bill is currently in the Committee Suspense File.
  • AB 1246 (Brownley) Instructional Materials―This bill is currently in the Senate Education Committee.
  • Senate Bill 1322 (Wyland) Pupil Assessments: Public Hearings―This bill has been cancelled at the request of the author.
  • SB 1540 (Hancock) Instructional Materials: Revised Curriculum Framework: History-Social Science―This bill is currently in the Assembly Education Committee.
Item 2―Governor’s May Revision, Presented by Judy Delgado, CDE
  • The weighted student formula is still in the Governor’s budget. The Governor wants to put most programs into the weighted student formula, but not American Indian programs.
  • Taking American Indian programs out of the weighted student formula would take them out of flexibility legislation, and would re-institute the timeline for a competitive application process.
  • The $376,000 Non-Proposition 98 funding is still on the deleted list.

Irma Amaro―What happens to out-of-compliance American Indian Education Centers (AIEC) during the competitive application process?

Judy Delgado―The AIECs that meet the guidelines will receive priority and the AIECs that do not meet the guidelines will not receive priority. The AIECs that owe money to the CDE are not out of compliance according to the guidelines. However, we will receive a determination from our Legal Office on the AIECs that owe money back to the CDE.

André Cramblit―How strict and by the guidelines is the CDE going to be?

Judy Delgado―AIEC Directors can write and express their feelings about the AIECs that still owe money to the CDE but they may still receive priority during the competitive application process.

Deborah DeForge―AIECs that signed up as a teleconference site for this meeting―A situation arose where a couple of AIEOC members, whose sites were designated as teleconference sites, were not able to be at their sites (although the sites were open for attendees as required). However, those AIEOC members could have called in to the teleconference number from other locations. Also, participants could have called in and listened to the meeting from alternate locations, as was done during meetings such as the State Board of Education meetings (where anyone can watch a live Web stream of the meeting). AIEOC members asked Judy Delgado to check if this type of call-in is a possibility for our meetings.

Item 3―Public Comment
  • There was no public comment.

Laura Lee George—The next AIEOC meeting is July 18, 2012, at the California Department of Education.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, November 1, 2016
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