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March 2011 Public Hearing Meeting Minutes

March 26, 2011 public hearing meeting minutes from the American Indian Education Oversight Committee.

American Indian Education Oversight Committee

March 26, 2011, Public Hearing – Meeting Minutes


Committee Members: Laura Lee George-Chair, Amber Machamer-Vice Chair, André Cramblit-Parliamentarian, Deb DeForge, Rod Lindsay, Rachel McBride, Irma Amaro and Kathleen Marshall. 

Absent: Marc Luker excused, John Focke excused, Matt Franklin unexcused, Bessie Shorty, unexcused

CDE Staff present: Judy Delgado, Brian Centeno.

Laura Lee George reviewed the requirement for an annual Public Hearing. Judy Delgado reviewed the process for the Public Hearing:

  • complete a sign-in form to speak

Katie Valenzuela, Public Advocates, Inc.: Expressed concerns that her organization has with the rapid adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Very concerned that California did not adopt the preface to the CCSS. They also are concerned with the lack of accommodation for special needs and lack of guidelines for professional development. The math standards need to be implemented to ensure that they reflect the intent of CCSS. The assessment consortium (Smarter Balance) is working to provide immediate feedback to teachers on progress that can be addressed within one school year so teachers can utilize those results. She suggested that the AIEOC investigate the Smarter Balance assessment organization to consider making a recommendation to the SSPI based upon the needs of the American Indian community. Flex legislation means implementation of CCSS may be in limbo, and may delay high level classes from being implemented. Funds need to be restored to American Indian programs. The State Board of Education is developing a committee on American Indian issues and the American Indian Education Oversight Committee should work to see how they can coordinate our efforts.

Sam Cohen, Tribal Attorney Santa Ynez Chumash Tribe: Follow up on AB 544 which has been passed and signed. The intent of AB 544 needs to be aligned with No Child Left Behind in regards to preparation required for teachers of core courses. Wants to determine if it would be appropriate to include Native Language Teachers as part of this requirement. Also asked that we consider whether Native Language should be added to foreign language for California State University requirements.

Nakia Zavalla, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians: Wants to express to the committee to keep culture and language as part of their efforts. The potential development of three committees needs to be done in a manner that supports cohesiveness and cooperative efforts made on behalf of our students.

Questions: Judy Delgado | | 916-319-0506 
Last Reviewed: Monday, December 5, 2016
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