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Letter to the State Advisory Council

Letter to the State Advisory Council requesting that the SAC approve a motion to transmit the following letter to the Governor.

Office of California Governor Jerry Brown
State Advisory Council on Early Learning & Care

To: State Advisory Council Members

From: Mark Friedman and Richard Winefield

Subject: A Blueprint for the Future that Addresses the Needs of our Most Vulnerable, Under-Served Children, and in the Process Saves California Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

Date: October 25, 2017

In July, we asked the State Advisory Council (SAC) to seek the approval of Governor Brown to revise and update the 2013 California Comprehensive Early Learning Plan (CCELP). We noted that our current system for providing early learning and care for 0–5 year-olds requires immediate attention. The level and quality of services is uneven, and most often it is children in low-income communities who suffer the greatest consequences.

The new Plan would be a blueprint for current and future policymakers. It would make the case not only for equity, but for the economic best interests of California taxpayers. We are convinced that effective early education would save Californians hundreds of millions of dollars, through reduced remedial and special education, reduced jobless benefits, less drug abuse and homelessness, and reduced costs for prisons and incarceration.

At the July meeting, members of the SAC and other early learning experts made a number of good suggestions. These included the notion that the new plan include the best of the 2013 plan, but go well beyond it to think more broadly and comprehensively; to expand the notion of early learning to include children from birth through eight years; to focus not only on children but also on families—including fathers; to align with state and federal policies; and to consider a mixed delivery system to provide services, including Trauma Informed Care. We were also encouraged to consult with the Blue Ribbon Commission and existing organizations serving young children, teachers and child care providers.

We request that the SAC approve a motion to transmit the following letter to the Governor, with the request that he authorize the SAC to lead the effort to create a new California Comprehensive Early Learning Plan. Thank you!

Questions:   Early Education and Support Division | | 916-322-6233
Last Reviewed: Monday, October 16, 2017
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