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Minimum Wage Increase Task Force

Meeting dates and information of meetings for the Minimum Wage Increase Task Force, a subcommittee formed by the State Advisory Council on Early Learning and Care.


In October, the State Advisory Council on Early Learning and Care (SAC) held an initial meeting to investigate and make recommendations for implementing minimum wage increases in child care and early education. The SAC unanimously supported a motion to have a Minimum Wage Task Force bring a report and recommendations to the January 2017 SAC meeting.

Public input will help the Minimum Wage Task Force develop information and ideas to submit to the SAC, so that it can advise the Administration on how California should plan to meet minimum wage increases in early learning and care. We encourage participation by child care professionals, parents, policy experts, the business community, and other stakeholders. The public meeting is a unique opportunity to contribute to this process. 

The SAC believes that the increase to the minimum wage is important and to be applauded. However, successful implementation is problematic for child care providers, and for parents and families. Senate Bill 3 and local minimum wage initiatives do not account for key features of the economics of care, and of our child care system. If nothing is done, many families will lose their child care, and many child care providers will shut their doors, triggering further job losses and major disruptions to families.

The Minimum Wage Task Force aims to identify potential mitigations to prevent these negative consequences, and in doing so to improve our early learning and care system.

Final Report

The final report was sent to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. on February 13, 2017. A summary of the report can be found on the Bringing Child Care Policy in Line with the New Minimum Wage (PDF) brochure. There is also an Alternative Accessible Version of this document.

Meetings and Information

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