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Program Self-Evaluation FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Program Self-Evaluations (PSE).

Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 PSE FAQs

  1. How has the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018–19 Program Self-Evaluation (PSE) form ELCD 4000 changed from last year’s form?

    The 2018–19 PSE form ELCD 4000 includes the following additions and/or changes:

    • Recommendation to download the latest version of Adobe Reader to ensure access to the FY 2018 –19 PSE form ELCD 4000..
    • Contractors are reminded to submit only one (1) form ELCD 4000 per contractor.
    • Form name has been updated.
    • Sections to be completed are numbered 1 through 15.
    • Contract type(s) check boxes, administered by the contractor, have been removed.
    • Age Group type(s) check boxes, administered by center-based contractor's, have been removed.
    • Statement of Completion paragraph has been revised.
    • The form ELCD 4000 requires the signature of the Program Director.
    • Contract information for the person completing the ELCD 4000 is included.
    • Submission requirement is listed on page three (3) of the Instructions for the FY 2018 –19 Program Self-Evaluation form ELCD 4000.
    • Title 5 California Code of Regulations sections, for pages two (2) through four (4), have been added for clarity.
    • All fields are required to ensure completion prior to submission.
  2. What forms are required for submittal to the California Department of Education (CDE), Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD)?

    The PSE form ELCD 4000 pages one (1) through four (4) are required for submission. All pages, including additional sheets, must be submitted together, as one document, electronically in PDF format, using the current FY and the contractor’s legal name in the subject line.

    • Example: 18-19 XYZ School District
  3. What is the deadline for the Summary of the PSE to CDE/ELCD?

    The PSE must be submitted on or before June 1 of each year. However, June 1, 2019 is a Saturday. Therefore, the date has been extended to Monday, June 3, 2019, at 5 p.m.

  4. Is there a consequence for submitting a late or for failing to submit the the form ELCD 4000?

    Yes. Submitting the form ELCD 4000 late or failing to submit the form ELCD 4000 may result in a noncompliance finding.

  5. Do all contractors need to use all components of the PSE process (Program Instrument, Desired Results Parent Survey, Age Appropriate Environment Rating Scale, and Desired Results Development Profile)?

    Contractors with Alternative Payment and/or Resource and Referral Programs are required to complete the Program Instrument (Form 4001) and the Desired Results Parent Survey (Form 4003).

    Contractors with Center-based programs and/or Family Child Care Home Education Networks are required to complete the Program Instrument (Form 4001), Age Appropriate Environment Rating Scale (Form 4002), Desired Results Parent Survey (Form 4003), and the Desired Results Development Profile (Form 4004).

    Note: ALL documents required, as part of the PSE process, must be kept on-site, are not included with the submission of the ELCD 4000, and made available for review and/or submittal to the CDE/ELCD upon request.
  6. Are contractors required to send one PSE form ELCD 4000 per contract type?

    No. Only one PSE form ELCD 4000 per contractor is required.

    Note: Pages two (2) through four (4) are limited to the space provided. Attach additional (Microsoft Word document) sheets as necessary.

  7. Can contractors use outside ratings to complete the PSE form ELCD 4000?


  8. Can contractors use electronic surveys to collect and analyze parent survey data?


  9. Will we receive an automatic reply once our PSE form ELCD 4000 has been submitted?

    Yes. The automatic email will be sent once the PSE form ELCD has been received.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, March 15, 2019
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