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CDMIS Update Issue #17

Child Development Management Information System (CDMIS)
May 10, 2017

Changes to the CDD-801A Report Beginning with the September 2017 Report Month

The Family Identification/Case Number (FICN) field in the CDD-801A report has previously been optional if a Social Security Number (SSN) was entered for the family. However, beginning with the September 2017 report month, the FICN will be required for all families.

What changes do I have to make to the way we collect the information?

This depends in part on the method you use for submitting data to EESD.

For agencies that submit data using the Copy Forward method, the FICN field will remain optional through the August 2017 report month. It is suggested that you update all the family information pertaining to the new data fields at this time. This will be the phase-in period. You must have the FICN entered for each family in order to copy data to the September 2017 report month. Be aware that any families with a blank FICN in the August 2017 report month will not be copied to the September 2017 report month.

For those agencies that use the Electronic File Transfer process to upload the monthly CDD-801A data, the Instructions and Electronic File Format Specifications on the CDMIS Web site will be revised. Your file will process only if the file contains data in the FICN field. Please keep in mind the EESD is giving agencies a three-month phase-in period (June 2017, July 2017, August 2017). Beginning with the September 2017 report month (due October 20, 2017), all FICN’s must be included or else the file will be rejected.

New Features Added to the "Update Agency Information" Page and the "CDD-801B Input/Edit" Page

Generate Agency Datasheet

On the Update Agency Information Page, agency super users can now create a report that contains agency-specific Contact Information and Site Information currently in our system.

By selecting the function, "Update Agency Information” within the CDMIS website, super users can click on the "Generate Agency Datasheet" button to view or print agency information. The datasheet will be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) for further use. If any of the information is not accurate, click on one of the buttons under the "Agency Name and Mailing Address" section to update the information as needed.

State-Subsidized Monthly Payment Calculator (CSPP, CCTR, CHAN, and CMIG Contractors only)

Each month, the CDMIS selects a random sample of families reported in the CDD-801A, and captures additional data elements in the CDD-801B report. The EESD has now added a tool at the bottom of  the "CDD-801B Input/Edit" page. The tool links to the Cost Calculator that assists in calculating the cost of care (State Subsidized Monthly Payment). More information regarding the calculator can be found in the data definition for the State Subsidized Monthly Payment for This Child Care.

Questions:   CDMIS Staff | | 916-445-1907
Last Reviewed: Thursday, May 18, 2017
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