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CDMIS Update Issue #5

Child Development Management Information System (CDMIS)
January 4, 2006

Changes and New Features!

This issue of the CDMIS UPDATE summarizes the many changes and improvements that have been made to the CDMIS in the last few months, including the addition of new features to make your job easier.

Data Definitions

The Data Definitions have been significantly revised. All CDMIS users should read the revised Data Definitions while paying close attention to the sections listed below. For those who wish to print the entire list, all the information fields are available in the Data Definitions (DOC; Revised 05-Jan-2011) document. Highlights of the revisions to the Data Definitions include the following:

  • Reason for Receiving Child Development Services. Changes have been made to the list of available choices. Please note that newly installed edit checks will permit users to enter only those reasons that are in the list of current choices. In addition to changes, detailed instructions have been added to help users determine which Reason for Receiving Child Development Services to choose when services are provided to a family that has a child in the State Preschool or Handicapped Program and another child in a different program.
  • Family Start Date. Additional examples and explanations have been provided to assist in determining the Family Start Date when there has been an interruption of services for the family.
  • Family Income Greater Than 75 Percent of State Median Income Level. Please note that the CDMIS will not accept a “Yes” for this item unless the Reason for Receiving Child Development Services is one of the following: A-Child Protective Services; I-None of the above, child attends State Preschool; or J-None of the above, child attends Handicapped Program.
  • Child Start Date. Additional examples and explanations have been provided to assist in determining the Child Start Date when there has been an interruption of services for the child.
  • Services Date. We have elaborated on the rules and guidelines for determining the Services Date, and in particular when it should be changed. We hope that CDMIS users find that the chart at the end of the Services Date section is especially useful.
  • Child Date of Birth. Please note that new edit checks have been added so that CDMIS users may no longer enter a child whose age exceeds the allowable age for the program type. State Preschool Programs in particular should note that, in accordance with Management Bulletin 05-07, no child younger than two years, nine months or older than six years, seven months may be served. If there are children in your system whose Child Date of Birth indicates that they are younger or older than the allowable limits, you will not be able to submit them. In such cases, you should immediately notify your Program Director so that the family can be disenrolled.
  • Exceeds Age for Program Type – Has IEP. This item in the Data Definitions explains how to report a child whose age exceeds allowable limits because the child has an active individualized education program (IEP) on file.
  • CPS Override (CDD-801B only). Agencies with one or more families whose reason for receiving services is Child Protective Services (CPS) and who do not collect income information for some or all of those families should familiarize themselves with this feature.

New Features

  • ZIP/FIPS Lookup. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes are now required for families residing outside of California. A FIPS Code Lookup tool has been provided so that agencies can easily identify the correct FIPS Code. This is a new function that agencies may select from the main menu.
  • Edit Checks on Program Type. To help CDMIS users identify data entry errors, the CDMIS now has an edit check to ensure that the program type matches the type of care provided. Users can see the list of acceptable matches in the data definition for Type of Care.
  • Copy Forward Process. The Copy Forward process has been significantly improved to allow users to copy families forward and then fix any family entries with errors by simply clicking an edit button that appears next to each family name. Need help? Click on “How to use this screen” on each page for more information about how to use these features.
  • New Management Report Available. A new management report is available to assist users. The “CDD 801A Program Code Report” summarizes, for each month’s submission, the number of children submitted by program type. Users can view this information by sub-agency or for the overall agency. Users should find this report useful for easily verifying that they have reported the correct numbers of children and that the children have been entered using the correct program types. To access this new report, select “CDD 801A Management Reports” from the main menu.

A Reminder About the CDD-800

As previously announced, the Early Education and Support Division will not be requiring agencies to submit the EESD-800 form this year. The changes made to the system that became effective with the October 2004 report period will permit the CDMIS to prepare this report for agencies using the monthly data that have already been submitted.

Stay tuned for more CDMIS UPDATES. CDMIS staff welcomes your comments, as well as suggestions for topics to be discussed in these CDMIS UPDATES.


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