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Charter School Non-Regulatory Guidance

Guidance and clarification regarding topics and issues facing charter schools.

Assessment and Statewide Testing
Guidance and information for charter school compliance in assessment and statewide testing.

Charter School Calculation Changes for EIA
Table displaying the differences in charter school Economic Impact Aid calculations under the old and new formulas for both continuing and new block-grant funded charter schools.

Charter School Direct Funding Option
Guidance on a charter school's election of the Direct Funding Option.

Charter School Frequently Asked Questions
Charter school FAQ organized by topic to provide nonregulatory guidance to the most common questions regarding charter schools.

Drawing of Warrants on State School Fund
Guidance on warrants drawn from the State School Fund.

Nonclassroom-Based Instruction and SB 740
Guidance and information on the implementation of the funding determination process for nonclassroom-based charter schools.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
Information for charter schools on the constitutional requirement for all public schools, including charter schools, to prepare and disseminate School Accountability Report Card (SARC).

Special Education
Guidance and information for providing Special Education services in charter schools and general information on implementing and complying with special education requirements.

Suggested Process for Charter School Closures
Non-Regulatory guidance on Charter School Closures including documentation, notifications, record retention, transfer, and financial closeout.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, August 19, 2020
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