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Charter Update #3

Released by the Charter Schools Division on August 31, 2022.

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2022–23 Charter School Annual Information Update

The Charter School Annual Information Update (Information Update) provides an opportunity for existing charter schools to verify and update information that is currently on file with the California Department of Education (CDE) for the upcoming school year.

The 2022–23 Information Update is currently closed but was accessible to all charter schools that were active in 2021–22. The information collected in this year’s Information Update is available at Charter School Annual Information Update. The information is provided as it was reported by the charter schools who participated in this year’s Information Update.

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Appeals to the State Board of Education

Pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 47605(k)(2)(A), the following documentation is required to be submitted by the petitioner to the California State Board of Education (SBE) within 30 days of denial by a local educational agency (LEA):

Establishment Appeals

  • Charter petition, as denied
  • Findings by the district
  • Documentary record from the district
  • Findings by the county
  • Documentary record from the county
  • Written submission with citations to the record detailing the basis for its appeal

Resources and Submission Information

Detailed information regarding the appeal submission process is available at State Board of Education Appeals.

The CDE developed the following forms to assist petitioners in the submission process of appeals to the SBE. The use of the below forms is optional but highly encouraged; use of the below forms will assist CDE staff in timely processing and reviewing appeal submissions:

  • SBE Appeal Review Petitioner Checklist
  • SBE Appeal Review Table 1
  • SBE Appeal Review Table 2

All appeal documentation should be submitted to the CDE via email at

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Charter School Number Requests

The CDE consolidated the Charter School Action Form and the Charter School Number Form into a revised Charter School Number Form. Completed and signed Charter School Number Forms should be submitted to the CDE via email at along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Copy of the authorizing LEA’s board meeting minutes showing approval of the charter school and the term for which the charter school was approved;
  • Copy of the approved charter petition;
  • Copy of all charter petition appendices and attachments; and
  • Cover letter signed by the superintendent of the authorizing LEA that provides an explanation for the action identified under Section 1. Charter School Number Request.

Detailed information regarding requests for charter school numbers is available at Charter School Numbers.

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Frequently Asked Questions Web Page

A new, direct link to all frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding charter schools has been created at Charter Schools.

Recently, FAQs have been posted that address the following topics:

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Public Charter Schools Grant Program

Charter Authorizer Support Initiative

Under the CDE Charter Schools Division’s Charter Authorizer Support Initiative (CASI), the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) and California Charter Authorizing Professionals (CCAP) provide professional development and resources to authorizers statewide through workshops, resources, and regular networking opportunities. To date, CASI has held 17 technical assistance events with over 600 participants from more than 90 current and potential charter school authorizers. Join CASI for Monthly Charter Chats, Quarterly Regional Trainings, and updates through the CASI Listserv.

Regional Technical Assistance and Coaching Sub-Grant

The CDE Charter Schools Division has awarded the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP) Regional Technical Assistance and Coaching (RTAC) Sub-Grant to the following regional awardees:

The RTAC sub-grantees are recruiting school participants for the following regional technical assistance activities for the 2022–23 school year:

  1. Critical Friends Group (CFG) professional learning communities to develop high-quality charter schools, and
  2. Best practices workshops for both charter and non-charter schools in order to improve academic achievement for all students.

For more information on participating in RTAC activities in your region, please visit Regional Technical Assistance and Coaching (RTAC).

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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