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Dissemination Grant Information

Information on Public Charter School Grant Program (PCSGP) projects, grant dissemination, and best practices.

Dissemination Grants Corner: School To School

Dissemination grants empower successful charter schools to share proven best practices information and assistance with both charter and traditional public schools. Project deliverables available to charter school developers, charter school operators, and traditional public school educators often include individual technical assistance, conference and workshop presentations, online and hardcopy manuals, CD-ROMs, and more.

Dissemination Grant Payments

Dissemination Grant Payments by Fiscal Year []

Public Charter Schools Grant Program Dissemination Sub-grantees

Fiscal Year 2013-14 []
Fiscal Year 2012-13 []
Fiscal Year 2008-09 []

Previous Dissemination Grant Projects

Dissemination grant projects are available to support both public charter and traditional schools. Projects from older grant cycles are generally more established, and more readily available to share with others. A few recipients whose projects have ended are continuing to disseminate information on a limited basis. Contact Dissemination Grant recipients directly for further information regarding their grant projects.

March 2005 Grant Cycle Projects []
Topics: Participatory governance; home study; increasing student achievement and parent satisfaction; best practices in elementary education and developing new schools; best practices in auditing; best practices in educational innovations and accountability; English language learner curriculum; Core Knowledge curriculum; improving academic achievement in science; strategies for at-risk students; working with diverse learning populations.

2005-06 Grant Cycle Projects []
Topics: Integrating the arts into standards-based learning; best practices for English language learners; propelling low achieving students to college; standards-based curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reporting tools.

2006-07 Grant Cycle Projects []
Topics: Project-based learning; parent involvement; middle school leadership program.

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