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ELR Milpitas USDs My Name, My Identity

English Learner Roadmap (ELR) Sample from Milpitas Unified School District (USD) for My Name, My Identity.

Milpitas Unified School District

My Name, My Identity

Build Positive School Climate

  • Have students share their name stories.
  • Celebrate the linguistic and cultural assets that bilingual/multilingual students bring to schools.
  • Include culturally competent teaching pedagogy in the classrooms to build a positive relationship with students that promote trust and respect.
  • Connect with students through using multicultural literature and encouraging them to share experiences from their cultures.

Advocate Parent Engagement

  • Offer parents/guardians an author series for parents and their children to write their name stories.
  • Empower parents to take the leadership in developing a campaign in securing pledges for My Name, My Identity. Parents can model global competence for their children through the campaign process.
  • Sponsor parent visits to tell their name stories.

Cultivate Global Competence

  • Have students investigate the relationships between their names and cultures, their names and identities, and name stories from other cultures.
  • Offer dual language programs and world language classes.
  • Encourage students to become biliterate through offering the Seal of Biliteracy and pathway awards programs.
  • Engage students in learning that reflects the global competence framework; investigate issues with global significance, recognize multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and take action to improve current conditions.
  • Create global learning opportunities by connecting students in the U.S. and abroad so that our students can learn with and from their peers from other parts of the world.
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Last Reviewed: Friday, August 25, 2023
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