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Title III English Learner Authorized Use Examples

A list of examples of authorized uses for Title III funds.

NOTE: Title III English Learner (EL) funds should be used to improve the education of English learners by assisting the children to learn English and meet the challenging State academic standards, as described in 20 United States Code (USC) 6825(a) of federal statute.

  • Staff working with English learners
    • Additional teacher (not core, may be uniquely assigned to English learners)
    • Paraprofessional
    • Supplemental staff salary, etc.
  • Professional Development
    • For ESL/bilingual and/or mainstream staff who work with English learners that is:
      • Designed to improve the language acquisition and instruction/assessment of English learners
      • Designed to enhance the ability of teachers to understand and use curricula, assessment measures, and instructional strategies
      • Based on scientific research in increasing students' English proficiency; and
      • Of sufficient intensity and duration to have a positive and lasting impact on the teacher's performance in the classroom
  • Curriculum Upgrade
    • For extended day or summer language assistance programs for English learners
  • Tutorials for English learners
  • Extended Day or Summer Programs for English learners beyond Title I or other summer school time
  • Community/Family/Parent Programs for Title III parents/families beyond core offering (not translated versions of what is already offered to English Only parents)
    • Community participation programs
    • Family literacy services/parent outreach
    • Training activities
  • Materials/Supplies/Technology for English learners
    • Supplemental curricular materials
    • Classroom supplies not provided as core
    • Educational software for Title III purposes, not provided with other funds
  • Translation Services
    • Title III specific translation and interpretation activities (not required Title III document translation)
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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