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Examples of Title III Immigrant Authorized Uses

A list of examples of the authorized use of Title III funds for immigrant students.

Note: The term "eligible immigrant student" is defined in federal statute as an individual student who (a) is aged three through twenty-one; (b) was not born in any state (each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico); and (c) has not been attending any one or more schools in the United States for more than three full school years (20 USC 7011[5]).

Title III Immigrant funds should be used for distinct purposes for immigrant students and families, as described in 20 United States Code (USC) 6825(e)(1) of federal statute. These purposes must be supplemental to the services that immigrant students are already entitled to through the use of other Federal, State, and local funding sources. For example, an immigrant student who is also an English learner (EL) is entitled to benefit from the same services provided to all other English learners using Title III EL funds.

  • Supplemental language assistance programs for immigrant students
    • Summer programs
    • Extended day school programs
    • Tutorials
    • Supplemental staff salary
  • Family Literacy/Parent Activities for immigrant students’ parents
    • Family literacy services
    • Outreach
    • Training activities
  • Professional Development
    • Training for teachers of immigrant students
    • Training for paraprofessionals of immigrant students
  • Mentoring/Academic and Career Counseling for immigrant students
  • Materials/Supplies/Technology for immigrant students
  • Transportation costs for immigrant students
  • Programs of introduction to the U.S. for immigrant students
    • Educational systems
    • Civics education
  • Activities Coordinated with Outside Agencies
    • Activities coordinated with community based organizations, IHEs, private sector or other entities to assist parents of immigrant children and youth
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Last Reviewed: Monday, April 24, 2023
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