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Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
September 15, 2022

Dear Private School Administrator:

Annual Private School Affidavit Filing Reminder Notice

The filing of the Private School Affidavit (PSA) is an annual requirement of all private schools offering elementary and high school level instruction in California. Per California Education Code Section 33190, an affidavit shall be filed with the California Department of Education (CDE) between October 1 and 15 of each year. Our records indicate that you filed an affidavit last year, therefore, we are providing a friendly reminder to file an affidavit for the 2022–23 school year, should you plan to continue to offer elementary and/or high school level private school instruction. If you do not plan to provide private school instruction in California this school year (i.e., school closed, moved out of state, or no longer homeschooling), no action is necessary and you may disregard this notice.

Filing the Affidavit

Beginning October 1, 2022, the online filing system that is used to file the PSA will be available from the CDE Private School Affidavit Information web page at or from the link provided below.

Since you filed an affidavit last year, a portion of last year’s information may be used to expedite the filing of this year’s affidavit. To prefill this year’s affidavit with information from last year’s filing, you will need last year’s confirmation code, which will be provided in a separate email.

Instructions for filing the 2022–23 PSA with information from last year’s affidavit:

  1. Go to the Private School Affidavit 2022–23 filing system at
  2. Read the Notice and designate whether the school is a full-time private school and select next.
  3. Select the option, “Yes, proceed using last year’s affidavit information” and select next.
  4. Provide last year’s confirmation code on the Retrieve Previous Year Affidavit screen and select Submit.
  5. Complete all sections of the affidavit.
  6. Review your affidavit entries and select the "Submit Affidavit" button.
  7. A confirmation of your submission will appear displaying the date and a confirmation code, as well as a link to your completed affidavit.
  8. To print and retain a copy of your completed affidavit, select the link to view your completed affidavit.
  9. A confirmation of your Affidavit filing will be sent to the email address reported for the Site Administrator and E-Signature/Owner containing your confirmation number and links to access your affidavit.

There are detailed, section by section, instructions for filing the affidavit available from the CDE Private School Affidavit Instructions web page at

For additional information regarding filing the Private School Affidavit, please visit the CDE Private School Affidavit Web page at

Should you have questions about the contents of this email, please contact CDE Private School Data Administration staff by email at


Shana Yeary, Manager
CBEDS/CDS Support Office
Educational Data Management Division


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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