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AAV of CMH/SELPA Presentation-Ventura County SELPA

Accessible Alternate Version of the Contracts/Agreements between SELPAs and County Mental Health Agencies Presentation-Ventura County SELPA.

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the Contracts/Agreements between SELPAs and County Mental Health Agencies Presentation (PDF; Posted 29-Nov-2011) - Mary E. Samples, Ventura County SELPA posted at the AB 114 Special Education Transition page. The PDF version is considered to be the official version of the document.

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Background Information

  • 21 Districts and County Office
  • 16,382 students with IEPs
  • 575 students with (formerly) AB3632 services on IEPs
  • Have operated robust programs for students needing mental health services for 20 years
  • Working with 2 County Mental Health Agencies

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Initiating Discussion

Picture of staff in a meeting

  • Concerns regarding possible changes began in 2009-10
  • Worked with CMH to review program, unify procedures, utilize evidence based strategies and to train staff
  • Instituted cost saving measures wherever possible

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  • MOU in 2010-2011
  • Began discussion on 2011-2012 MOU in late May
  • Revised our agreement regarding practices and procedures
  • Signed new MOU at the beginning of July

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  • Repeal of AB3632 (Roles of agencies)
  • Moving from mental health model of “medically necessary” to educational related services model
  • Psychiatry and Medication Management
  • Full Scope Medi-Cal
  • Agency requirements like consents and releases

Picture of a person holding up a giant question mark

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  • Calculation – to determine service needs
  • Legal liability

Picture of students in class holding their hands up as if they are waiting to be called on to answer a question

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  • Building the plane while it is flying
  • Working with multiple agencies
    • CMH
    • HSA
    • Contract providers
    • Residential Facilities
  • Billing procedures
  • Funding

Picture of staff standing

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Current Agreement

  • Includes
    • MH Staff in schools
    • Some supervisory MH staff
    • Residential case management
    • Medication management
    • Indirect charges

*Remember we have 500+ students with current IEPs written under AB3632

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  • CMH moves from provider to “contractor”
  • Assessments will be integrated into our assessments using our timelines and our assessment plans
  • Services on IEPs to be listed using IDEA related services language

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  • Form changes
  • Begin to transition residential oversight
  • Joint training of CMH and school staff

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  • AB 100 (Prop 63)
  • Medi-Cal Reimbursements
  • IDEA – MH funds
  • AB114 – Prop 98 – MH funds

Picture of a person standing among giant dollar signs

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Tracking Expenditures

  • Packaged costs
  • By student, by services as required by IEP
  • Service logs

Picture of a calculator and hands, one holding the calculator receipt, one pointing a pencil tip at the receipt

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In Negotiation

Picture of a keyboard key that says Negotiate

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Picture of a woman looking at a computer screen

If the costs exceed revenue, districts will have to bear proportional expenses once all funding sources are exhausted.

Picture of a house made of money resting in the palm of a hand

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Future Changes Between SELPA/CMH

We do anticipate changes next year.

  • Staff
  • Services
  • Medi-Cal

(we have agreed to make decisions by January 2012)

Picture of a to-do list on a clipboard with a pencil and the first item of three is checked off


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