California Department of Education
Policy and Evaluation Division
October 13, 2004
Revised August 3, 2005

2004-05 Title I Program Improvement Status Report

Bakersfield City Elementary

The data in this report is based on updated 2004 Accountability Progress Reports (APR) posted on July 28, 2005
and on the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) appeals decisions made by August 3, 2005.

Data Items
   School Code:The school's unique identification code.
   School Name:The school's name.
   PI Status:Indicates whether the school is in Program Improvement (PI).
   Year of PI Implementation:Indicates the year the school first implemented Program Improvement activities.
   PI Placement:Indicates the PI school's placement under NCLB. Shown as Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, or Year 4.
   Year of Exit From PI:Indicates the year the school exited from PI status (i.e. the last year the school implemented PI activities).

School NameType of
Title I
Year of
Year of
Exit From
PI Status
6008866Casa Loma Elementary SWP Not in PI   
6008882College Heights Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6009005Curran Middle SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6008916Emerson Middle SWP In PI 1998-1999 Year 4 
6008924Frank West Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6008940Fremont Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6109052Garza (Ramon) Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6109060Hills (Stella I.) Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6008981Horace Mann Elementary SWP In PI 2001-2002 Year 3 
6009013Jefferson Elementary SWP Not in PI   
6009062Longfellow Elementary SWP In PI 1999-2000 Year 4 
6009070McKinley Elementary SWP Not in PI   
6009088Mt. Vernon Elementary SWP In PI 2004-2005 Year 1 
6009096Munsey Elementary SWP Not in PI   
6009104Noble (Myra A.) Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6116719Owens SWP Not in PI   
6009138Owens (Bessie E.) Primary (Elem) SWP Not in PI 2000-2001  2002-2003
6009047Pauly (Leo G.) Elementary SWP In PI 2004-2005 Year 1 
6009120Pioneer Drive Elementary SWP In PI 2004-2005 Year 1 
6009146Roosevelt Elementary SWP In PI 2001-2002 Year 3 
6008957Sequoia Middle SWP In PI 1998-1999 Year 4 
6009153Sierra Middle SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6111264Stiern (Walter) Middle SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6118293Three R's Achievement Academy TAS Not in PI   
6009161Voorhies Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6009179Washington Middle SWP In PI 2001-2002 Year 3 
6009187Wayside Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 
6009195William Penn Elementary SWP Not in PI   
6009203Williams Elementary SWP In PI 2003-2004 Year 2 

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