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March 2017 Technical Guide: Appendix G

Updates made to the March 2017 Technical Guide.

Since the initial release of this guide in February 2017, updates have been made to include additional details and examples based on LEA feedback, including updates made to select processing rules. The table below identifies the updates made.

Section Title Topic Page Number(s)
Who Gets a Dashboard? Alternative Schools 5
Who Gets a Performance Level (or Color)? Foster Youth and Homeless Student Groups 12
Accessing the California School Dashboard Top Section of the Report (New) 13
Accessing the California School Dashboard Detailed Reports 16
Student Groups Student Group Calculation 18
Student Groups Data Correction Windows for Data Used in Fall 2017 Dashboard (specifically the demographic data extraction date [June 15]) 19 (Start)
Student Groups Definition for Students with Disabilities for the Academic Indicator and Grade 11 Distance from Level 3 22
LEA and School Type LEA and School Type (New) 23
Suspension Rate Indicator One new suspension rate example 28
Suspension Rate Indicator Automatic Assignment of a Performance Level 30
English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPI) Background, California English Language Development Test, Table 5, Table 6, Transition to the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California, and Automatic Assignment of a Performance Level 33 (start)
Graduation Rate Indicator Students Included as Graduates 40
Graduation Rate Indicator When Students Change LEAs or Schools 40
Academic Indicator California Science Test (CAST) Information 51
College/Career Indicator (CCI) Updates to Table 11 52 (start)
CCI Future Changes 58
Grade Eleven Distance from Level 3: English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics Who Receives a Grade Eleven Distance from Level 3? 59 (start)
Additional Information Additional Information (New) 64
Five-by-Five Placement Reports Five-by-Five Placement Reports (New) 67
Appendix E What Data Will Be Used for the Fall 2017 Dashboard? (New) 121
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Last Reviewed: Monday, November 6, 2017