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English Learner Progress Indicator Calculation

Methodology for measuring performance on the English Learner Progress Indicator.

The English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPI) measures the percent of English learner (EL) students who are making progress toward language proficiency from one year to the next on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) and the number of ELs who were reclassified from EL to fluent English proficient in the prior year.


The formulas below are used to calculate the English Learner Progress Indicator for Status and Change.

ELPI Calculation Formula for Status

Annual CELDT Takers Who Increased at least 1 CELDT Level
Annual CELDT Takers Who Maintained English Proficiency in the Early Advanced/Advanced CELDT level
ELs Who Were Reclassified in the Prior Year
Long-term English Learner (LTEL) CELDT Takers Who Increased at Least 1 CELDT Level

divided by

Total Number of Annual CELDT Takers in the Current Year plus ELs Who Were Reclassified in the Prior Year

ELPI Calculation Formula for Change

Current Year Status minus Prior Year Status

Reporting Performance for the ELPI

Based on the Status and Change results, a performance level (or color) will be given. Performance for this indicator can be reported using a five-by-five colored grid.

Below is an example of a five-by-five colored grid for a high school with:

  • A Status of 77.2%
  • A Change of −5%

In this example, the school did well in the current year, earning a Status of 77.2%, which is "High." However, it declined by 5% from the previous year. A Status of "High" and a Change of "Decline" meet on the grid to give a performance level of Yellow.

ELPI Status and Change example.

More information on the five-by-five color table for the English Learner Progress Indicator can be found in the Resources tab on the California Accountability Model & School Dashboard.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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